Rick And Morty Season 3 Premiere: Expect An Earlier Release?

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The ball is rolling for the much awaited Rick and Morty Season 3. A post on social media gave everyone a hint that the show is nearing its completion soon. Does it mean that the show will be released this year? Well, we hope so.

The series is now recording its third installment based on a recent tweet that Rick and Morty?s official Twitter account had posted. This gives fans high hopes that Mr. Poopybutthole will be seen sooner than the first announced release of season 3.

The Twitter of Rick and Morty has been the fans’ go to source when it comes to updates about the show. And the recent one, much to the delight of the fans, was a photo of the cast members inside a recording studio, showing that the series is now in the phase of putting sounds and voice overs on the third season.


As seen?on the post,?there are two wide screens on both sides of the studio, aside from a rostrum at the center with a microphone on the side of it. Of course, it is safe to assume the podium has the script on it.

The photo is accompanied by a caption stating the show is ready to record for the third season. “Recording! Season three! Get ready!! There you go ? the wait for season 3 is now 30 mins longer! Back to work for us.”

Justin Roiland has recently described the upcoming series continuation as way better than the first two installments. However, none in the production team want to reveal the release date of the animated series. But the recent development in the show might be a reason for it to be aired sooner than expected.

Show writers?have also spilled beans for the fans, including snaps of the script and hyping the forthcoming show. Mike McMahan had bared that Rick and Morty Season 3?has started recording back in February.

Meanwhile, while everyone waits for the return of the show on the small screens, a recent technological development inspired by the series has been made available for the audience. A new keyboard emoji has Rick?s and Morty?s different expressions, a plumbus and even an eggplant.

The previous season has also been aired on Hulu available to those who want to watch it anew or those who haven?t seen it yet. It must be noted that the first season is about weird inventions while the second one is about exploration.

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