Rick And Morty Creator Makes A VR Game: Release Date, Gameplay, & Other Details

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Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty co-creator, announced in the past month that he would be teaming up with an Epic Games veteran to create a games studio focusing on VR. Roiland partnered up with Tanya Watson to create Squanchtendo?a pretty interesting name for their company. Polygon reported it last month.

Now, the company has announced their first game. It is a VR game called Accounting. Check the trailer below.

This will be available soon on Steam VR and playable on HTC Vive. The official Accounting website announced that this will be available for free download. The game is a pretty loud one judging from the trailer. It seems to be a VR game with VR games inside. A player plays an accountant who finds a VR headset to enter surreal room-scale worlds. These rooms, according to Polygon, will contain crazy improvised lines voiced by Roiland and his collaborator William Pugh. Judging from the trailer, this is not really a kid friendly game.

Could this be the reason why Rick and Morty Season 3 is not yet on? This game seems like a fun one though.

How Lying Helped Honest William

William Pugh is a West Yorkshire-based game designer. His twitter handle is @HonestWilliam. This apparently did not apply when meeting?Roiland.?His first bump in with him?started off because of a lie. Roiland revealed the details.

Roiland was in a building where Titanfall 2 developer Respawn was and he wanted a tour of the office. He figured that he would tweet and maybe someone could get him in. Guess who responded? William Pugh.

Pugh did not even work at Respawn. He is not even in the same country as Roiland.

Roiland immediately followed the very honest William Pugh just to find out that his new pal does not work at Respawn at all. Later though, Roiland found out who Pugh was. He found out soon enough that he was in fact a fan of one of Pugh?s work?The Stanley Parable. They hit it off and batted around some ideas and now, we have them to thank for Accounting.

The moral of the story is that lying sometimes gets you to work with your favorite people.

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