?Rick & Morty? Season 3 Spoilers: Mr. Meeseeks To Return; Expect Darker New Season

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One of Cartoon Network?s Adult Swim programs, Rick & Morty Season 3, can be expected to premiere later this year with 14 episodes in total. Good news for fans as their favorite Mr. Meeseeks will be returning to the show. Creators also tease a darker new season.

Show creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon said that they will revisit earlier plotlines in Season 3 and will bring back some old characters as well, such as fan-favorite, Mr. Meeseeks, Movie Pilot writes.

At the San Diego Comic Con panel last year, the show creators said that they were a bit hesitant to revisit past plotlines but they have let go of this fear and doubt for Season 3. Harmon said, ?Our instinct was; let?s not ruin this by curling back in on our own tail too soon. There are a couple of instances where the joyful TV viewer in me says we should?ve done another Meeseeks episode. But overall we had a very gun-shy approach of avoiding that temptation.?

He also added, ?I re-watched [Seasons 1 & 2] a couple nights ago, and now I’m excited about revisiting stuff in season three because I was so phobic about revisiting stuff in season two.?

Roiland confirmed this saying, ?We?ve got a lot of little loose sweater threads we?ve sprinkled throughout [seasons] one and two that we?re going to come back and tie in a nice little bow in subsequent seasons.?

Meanwhile, according to Christian Today, the upcoming season will be darker but, of course, the humor will still be there. It is what the show is known for. There are speculations as well that the next installment will make Rick realize that he is a cartoon, giving an entirely new meaning to breaking the fourth wall in the show. ?

Fans believe that this is Harmon and Roiland?s secret theory in their creation of Rick and Morty. But, it still remains to be a mystery as the creators aren?t planning on revealing this secret anytime soon.

Catch Rick & Morty Season 3 later this year on Cartoon Network.

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