Rick And Morty Season 3 Spoilers, News & Release Date: What’s Going To Happen

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Rick and Morty Season 3 Launch

Rick and Morty Season 3 is making noise on the internet with its new animated clip. The upcoming season is likely to reach the fans in 2017.

In the clip fans can see, Jessica and her friends discussing about dating. Morty will be listening to them. Morty wanted to join them. He knew that Jessica is not having a boyfriend. But Morty?s desire to go near Jessica could not be fulfilled. Because Rick came and took Morty with him for an emergency. Morty was highly disappointed. Because he missed the golden chance to approach Jessica, according to iTech Post.

In the previous week, fans were desperately waiting for Adult Swim to release a perfect trailer, which can explain the plot of next season. They found few clues in series of Mr. Poopy Butthole GIFs. A reddit user has shared his theory about the upcoming season of Rick and Morty. On the Rick and Morty Facebook page, Mr. Poopy Butthole GIFs are creating hype. The GIFs includes Mr. Poofy typing his name, Mr Poopy looking at a cloud, Mr Poofy doing yoga etc. These GFs have some connections with the upcoming season of Rick and Morty, according to GAMENGUIDE.

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Earlier, the creators of Rick and Morty Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland said that Rick and Morty season 3 ?will be hitting the television screens in 2016. Many fans are disappointed because the creators could not keep up their promise. They were questioning Dan Harmon on Twitter. ?Here’s a list of ideal times to tell me what to do: 1. Never, you can google that. 2. in 1992 when I was your useless ass age, 3. When you’re paying me or doing anything I respect 4. When I’m not on Twitter 5. Before you revealed that if you’re in charge WE’RE FUCKED,? Harmon wrote on Twitter. ?

There are speculation that the upcoming season of Rick and Morty will not cover many things. They may skip Rick?s escape from the Intergalactic Federation Prison even though Rick?s escape is an interesting twist.

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