?Rick And Morty? Season 3 Release Date, Updates, Spoilers Of Morty Kidnapping Rick?

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Rick and Morty Season 3
Rick and Morty Season 3

The release date rumors of Adult Swim?s Rick and Morty Season 3 continue to swirl and there seems to be no end to the misery of disenchanted fans who have trouble sleeping with new predictions each day.

Well, the anxiety of hardcore fans end today as one of creators of the show, Dan Harmon, declared that there was no way the third season of Cartoon Network?s science fiction series could make it before August.

When the Paste Magazine lately called on Harmon to clarify several rumors about an August 2016 release date for Rick and Morty, he replied, ?That I can squash. I don’t see any parallel universe where August is a possibility. We’re a while from being able to give a hard date. Part of that is just that we’re still figuring it out as we work over here… And the other part of it is that it’s not our right to say because the network has their own strategies.?

So it seems settled that Cartoon Network won?t be airing the new season anytime sooner, or on July 26 as pegged by the IMDB page of the show. The more likely launch window now seems to be 2016 year-end, the same time period the showrunners earlier revealed they were hoping for.

Now that we are done with the release date update, lets? head on to the spoilers. There are hordes and hordes of theories doing the rounds on social media and internet and most significant seems of an Evil Morty emerging in their world.

IMDB recently updated the Season 3?s episode guide of Rick And Morty which already has sort of confirmed several rumors regarding the introduction of an Evil Morty. Though Episode 1 is left blank, several of preceding episodes are filled up with official looking synopsis.The synopsis confirm speculations of the arrival of another version of Morty so fans looking forward to the new series have pretty much exciting stuff to view.

The synopsis of the second episode reveals that Rick has now become the kingpin of the inter-dimensional prison. But Morty is missing Rick dearly and as such employs Nancy and Aberdolf Lincler’s P.I. firm to help him find a person from Rick’s past. Summer, meanwhile, nurses the wounds of an injured Bird Person who was presumed dead in the last season.

The third episode of Rick and Morty will see a fake Rick and a real Morty go on vacation aboard an asteroid. Evil Morty takes the real Rick to the base of his operations which indicates that Rick is probably kidnapped by Morty. Jerry, on the other hand, goes to the galaxy mall with Summer to shop for Beth’s birthday.

Evil Morty

Evil Morty

Finally, in the fourth episode, we get to see the reunion of the real Morty and the real Rick. The two save the rest of the Smiths from the Intergalactic Federation. Evil Morty resumes his role as a villain and grabs an opportunity.

Rick and Morty is still expected to be released before the end of 2016.

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