Richard Marx Subduing Violent Passenger In Flight Goes Viral On Social Media But For Another Reason

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Richard Marx
Richard Marx

Pop and rock icon Richard Marx had recently made headlines for stepping up during his Korean Air Flight. Richard Marx managed to handle a violent passenger during his Korean Air Flight, however the internet was more surprised to learn that he?s now married.

The Story: Richard Marx to the Rescue

Richard Marx and his wife Daisy Fuentes was on board a Korean Air Flight 480 last Tuesday. They were flying from Hanoi, straight to Seoul. Everything was fine until a man who was seated a row away from Marx started becoming violent.

The man then went on to start attacking both flight attendants and passengers. Marx detailed on Twitter that the derange man started acting crazy and immediately manhandled the female flight attendants. The man Started pushing away the flight attendants and pulling them by their hair.

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Seeing the big commotion, Fuentes was one of the first ones to help restrain the violent passenger who appeared to be deranged. However, it wasn?t a quick incident but a long and slow fight to subdue the violent passenger. It took four hours to be able to restrain the man.

The staff were equipped with Tasers during the incident but were reluctant to use it since they apparently didn?t know how to. And once the man was forced into a seat, staff were barely able to keep him there because they were not able to properly restrain him with the rope that they had on-hand. The man was able to break out of his restraints three times.

Fuentes doesn?t blame the staff but finds that the airline should be more accountable since the staff were not prepared to handle such a situation. The man was quickly subdued by police when their flight had landed.

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He?s Married

In a surprising twist about Richard Marx?s tale of heroism, it appears that many of his fans and the general public didn?t know that he was married. ?When Marx detailed about the incident on social media, the mention of him being on board the flight with his wife caught user?s attention more than his heroic deed.

Users were shocked to learn just recently that Marx is apparently married. A Twitter user wrote: ?I think the biggest news of the day is: Richard Marx & Daisy Fuentes are married??

Well, we guess Fuentes made two headlines today.?

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