Re:Zero: Episode 18 Spoilers, Where To Watch Online Of ?The Best Episode?

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Anime series Re:Zero has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and the latest episode made the story more interesting as fans can?t seem not get enough of it. Here is a brief summary of the installment as well as fun reactions from the viewers and where to watch it online.

The 18th episode of the anime series is titled ?From Zero?. It ran two minutes longer than the usual with a total of 25 minutes and 45 seconds. It featured Subaru getting revived as he went back in time. However, he feels hopeless upon waking up, which led him dragging Rem to a rooftop.

When the two reached the top of the building, Subaru asked Rem to run away from with him and settle down at a distant village. Although Rem seem to be interested, she declined the offer because she does not want to lose the Subaru she loved if they do go away. As a result, Subaru lost his self-control as he remembers how useless he was during his past deaths.

Meanwhile, Rem took the opportunity to confess his love to Subaru and told him that she believed in him and that he is her Hero. As Subaru seem to have given up already, Rem forced him to see everything in a different perspective, in her eyes to be exact, and that gives Subaru new hope and strength to start fighting again through starting over from scratch.

After witnessing the latest episode of Re: Zero, fans across the globe were left ecstatic as they considered it as the best episode so far of the anime series. Some of them even took their excitement to the internet as they started a discussion of the episode. Here are some of the best reactions from the viewers on

?The most powerful episode ever. I totally love it, they did it justice. My favorite quote of volume 6 ?Subaru-kun is Rem?s hero? is adapted perfectly! With BUDGET! Like wow, when the sky starts to shine bright light, when the birds starts to fly and Wishing insert song starts to kick in, I was blasted,? said a fan.

?Just when you f****** became a fan of Rem for her lines to Subaru, helping him stand back up again and all that comfort and sweet talk, Subaru sunk the f****** ship? gotta give props to Rem this was her episode, she nailed everything,? added another.

?Wonderful episode. Finally seeing Subaru laughing happily again. The whole episode may have just been dialogue, but watching Subaru let out his emotions and watching Rem reassure him and calm him was impactful. Honestly, some of the best dialogue I?ve ever seen,? shared a fan.

With all these positive reactions from the viewers, you may want to watch the episode online. You can stream Re:Zero on Crunchy Roll and The next episode is set to be released next Monday, August 8, 2016. Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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