Reynaldo Lopez of the Washington Nationals Heads to the MLB

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Reynaldo Lopez, 22, is set to make his major league debut on Tuesday, July 19 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is his second time pitching for the Washington Nationals since he was acquired. He will join the pitcher lineup, replacing Jo Ross who?s currently out due to an inflammation on his right shoulder. This should be Lopez?s big day, specially after hitting some low stats and declining physical mobility during his earlier days with The Nationals.

In 2012, when he was just 18 years old and The Nationals had signed him for a $17,000 contract, Lopez was climbing to his prime. With his pitching velocity raising to an unbelievable torque, it looked like The Nationals took in some precious gold to their roster. In 2013, however, Lopez?s performance was quickly affected by a sore arm that is said to be the cause of bone weakness. The diagnosis slowed him down, but not enough to put the then 18-year-old player down.

He came back and he made sure he was one hundred percent capable. Giving everything he had in his performance in 2014 and taking things easy the next year, it was the perfect combination for the player, which allowed him to make an excellent breakthrough this 2016. Now, The Nationals is ready to introduce Reynaldo Lopez to the mound taking the rotation spot of Jo Ross in the process.

Another prospect for The Nationals, if they still aren?t positive with Reynaldo Lopez, is Lucas Giolito. Giolito made his debut with the Washington Nationals on June 28 and has made two appearances in the game?s schedules since then. According to the Washington Post, it was Giolito?s breaking pitches and lack of command that propelled the team to give him more time to develop and instead, put Reynaldo Lopez in the position.


Reynaldo Lopez is a native of the Dominican Republic and lists as 48th in the ranking of possible prospects for Major League Baseball. The 6-foot right hander began his season in Harrisburg before moving up to Syracuse. With Ross possibly returning soon, The Nationals may find a way for Lopez to get a spot in the bullpen; that?s if he show?s strength, stability and power in his next few games. For more Major League Baseball news, get it from

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