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It amazes me at times what I find on the internet that makes me feel like I’ve lost hope in humanity as a whole. Earlier today I was browsing through sites and came across something that has been a growing trend in the video game community – reviews used as selling points to games.

The game I was reading into was in fact Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which I plan to review later this month, from RPGamer’s Adriaan den Ouden who gave a 2.5 to the game. However, that didn’t strike me odd about the score as much as what I found out on the boards of this site that made me have a “What the Hell” moment. People were actually taking his negatives and applying that as fact to not buy or try this game even if it were in the bargain section at a local store. There are a lot of opinions and love/hate cases that are normal, but the fact some people won’t try a game because a reviewer didn’t think it’s worth anyone’s time but went on record in saying he enjoyed his experience is just sad. A lot of people are starting to act like mindless sheep more and more this generation. I know of the reputation this site has for RPG game reviews but don’t think every review is stated as a fact whether then reviewer opinion. There were a few that at least were not affected by this matter of a opinion.

Yes, I remember the days of the Nintendo Power magazines and the first IGN before they sold out to the masses. Around those days we would go to the local store to pick these magazines up to check out what was going on in our closed hobbies. Some of us even had our favorite reviewer. What was said in the review were good points, not all of them, but a few that I’ll be making my case on when I do the full review soon. It isn’t just with that game either. Everyone to his/her own comes in mind. I really hope nobody does this when we write reviews on products or games. Don’t just take it as fact without giving your own thoughts and experiences with them into heart. It’s going to keep growing I fear. I have my own favorite reviewers, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb from X-Play, but the only time they ask that you don’t play a game if it turns out to be another Vampire Rain.

Well that’s my feeling on the matter. I’ll link you to the message board, and you can see for yourself that this has happened. This is BlackRaven85 of theBitBag, take care everyone. Peace.

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