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If you’re looking for another Half Life or Bioshock no need to read further, cause you won’t find it here. What you’ll find is what I think personifies the definition of a mediocre story. When you first start the game and watch the first few cut scenes you’ll think to yourself, wow what a promising story. You’re the Allied forces best soldier BJ Blazkowicz and you’ve just gotten back from a mission in which you saved London from being V-bombed by the Nazis. Because you’re the best soldier they’ve got your sent right back out but this time you’re to find and kill General Zetta, one of the best generals the Nazis have. This has all the makings for a good story right? Wrong its all down hill from here. That’s not to say there isn’t anymore good or interesting plot lines, but the way in which they come to these conclusions are so boring and mundane. This drives the story from your average decent game plot to a painfully mediocre story.


There are 2 major gameplay mechanics at work, veil gameplay and non veil gameplay. Non veil gameplay is your run of the mill run, aim, shoot and toss grenades gameplay. While it doesn’t take away from regular fps gameplay it also doesn’t add anything rendering it good but not great. Veil gameplay has some cool features but first let me explain what the veil is. The veil comes from an ancient medallion belonging to the Golden Dawn who are a cult within the game. The medallion allows the user to see in between our dimension and the Golden Dawn’s dimension, hence the name veil. The medallion gives you more powers like shield and time slow down, but to unlock those you have to gain more crystals for the medallion. Now to tell you how all this is implemented within the game. The veil’s most gimmicky feature is in seeing in between dimensions all this is used for is hidden doorways. Now you might say that’s not gimmicky but I feel that it is because you don’t need to use the veil to see what places on the map have secret doorways, they are all marked by the Golden Dawn’s symbol. Where the veil shines is with the shield and time slow down functions there’s no way you can complete the game without using them, they are very vital to beating the harder NPCs. Guns are something that is definitely lacking in this game. There are 5 real WW2 weapons and 3 paranormal weapons. To me that is very weak for a next gen fps to only feature 8 weapons and totally unacceptable for it not to have a pistol, like WTF.


The graphics in Wolfenstein are decent and good enough to stay competitive in today’s market. I could write a paragraph explaining every different aspect of the visuals but I think it’s sufficient to just say they’re decent, you get the point.


The sound is once again your run of the mill fps sounds, nothing too spectacular in this department but nothing worth complaining about either. The voice acting in Wolfenstein is rather good, it would of been neat for the Germans except the resistance to only speak German but English with a German accent attached to it is good enough.


Multiplayer is so atrocious it’s not even worth explaining. Trust me when I say this, it is the worst online multiplayer this gen with a prestigious name like Id software backing it. Absolutely horrible!

In conclusion Wolfenstien is a decent fps worth at the most a rent or at the least a demo trial for any WW2 fps fan out there. With a big name like Id software backing it turning out so meh, it’s definitely on my short list for biggest disappointment of 2009. With a mediocre story, decent gameplay and graphics, little to no guns not to mention no pistol or side arm at all and horrible multiplayer Wolfenstein earns a 2.5 out of 5.

Final Score:[Rating:2.5/5]

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