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Review: Voat Is Reddit In Disguise

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Voat is not Reddit
The site Voat is eerily similar to Reddit

After weeks of shaky service, Reddit users have been switching to Switzerland-based Voat. Though Voat is not Reddit, the site eerily feels like the former in disguise.

Understandably, Reddit has been on a lot of strain lately, what with fans protesting the untimely dismissal of Reddit?s Director of Talent, Victoria Taylor; 18 major subReddits going on shutdown to protest Taylor?s sacking; and finally, Reddit CEO Ellen Pao?s resignation last week.

Taylor is considered the brains and machine behind the immensely popular subReddit Ama (Ask Me Anything). The community-based, social networking and news site has seen so many protests, particularly with what the users deemed to be a mishandling of Pao, that many have threatened, and actually transferred to Switzerland-based Voat.

But how does Voat work exactly and what makes it different from Reddit? We navigated the site, and here’s what we found out:

The Good

From the onset, Voat seems like a very friendly community, with a welcoming message that acknowledges first time visitors such as myself. The site then takes you on a short tour, and gives tips on how you can submit topics, articles, videos and other links for discussion.

You don?t need a Voat (pronounced as goat), to navigate the site. You can simply go ahead and click on the existing subverses that include news, images, videos, jokes, programming, gaming etc. Topics are pretty updated, and they were even able to get news of another female executive leaving rival site Reddit, chief engineer Bethanye Blount, mere minutes since it was announced.
Of course, if you sign in, you also get to create your own subverse, and start a healthy discussion, which Voat reiterates as a place where you can ?have your say.?

The most interesting part of the site is that it promises a censorship-free community platform. Content will be submitted, organized, moderated and voted on (ranked) by the users. Now don?t think that you?re just free to post whatever you want without thinking of the consequnces ? Voat reminds users that everyone is free to post anything they want as long as it doesn?t violate any of Switzerland?s laws and beliefs.

Voat is also willing to ?give back? to their users through profit sharing. Users can apply to join their partner program and earn money (a percentage of our ad revenue) for the stories, links and comments that they submit. If you?re interested, click here.

Another good thing about the site: Their mascot, a goat, is absolutely adorable.

Voat is?Reddit in disguise

Of course, Voat knows what?s coming for them ? and that?s people comparing them to Reddit at SOME point.

The landing page eerily looks like Reddit, paying more homage to the color blue than red. But basically, the functions seem similar ? up-voting options are there, with options to link, share and discuss topics.

Subreddits, sorry, Subverses, also have their own rules, just like Reddit, so we reckon loyal Reddit users won?t get lost navigating the site. In fact, they look so similar that it?s probably why Reddit users had no problem switching to Voat when Reddit had its meltdown ? a fact Voat was not prepared for with the site crashing when users surged to almost 700,000 in just one day. The sudden influx of users may be the reason why the site has been vulnerable from cyber attacks recently.

And when pointed out with the similarities, Voat had this to say:

?All cars have four wheels. Does that mean that every car is the same??

Probably not. But it?s a car nevertheless.

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