[Review] unTouchable Webtoon: A Modern Day Vampire Love Story

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unTouchable Webtoon

Imagine vampires with their pale cold skin, red demonic eyes, and sharp fangs that can make you cringe just by the sight of it. Scary huh? Thank goodness unTouchable Webtoon by Massstar?took a different turn and made their vampires beautiful and human-like.



Touch means: as noun, the event of something in contact with the body; as a verb, make physical contact with or come in contact with. They say people touch each other for affection, to build intimacy or to confirm the love they have for each other. But in the world of unTouchable Webtoon, vampires live among humans and they don?t drink blood anymore in order to survive. In this modern time, they need to touch to live.


The Story

The story centers a vampire named Sia Lee. She is a daughter of a strict pastor vampire who encourages self-control and peace among their kind. Sia rebels because her dad only allows minimum absorption of energy and he very controlling. She runs away from home to pursue her own taste and enjoy life. One day Sia finds an appetizing energy in her new neighbor, Jiho. Sia is faced with a challenge because Jiho isn?t quite the friendly type plus he has a condition called Mysophobia (fear of contamination and germs). After a series of events, Jiho and Sia fall in love and they work together to help Jiho overcome his mysophobia.

unTouchable Webtoon


You can say that this Webtoon has a light story that?s somehow straightforward in the sense that it?s not complicated to follow. The romantic development between Sia, the vampire, and Jiho, the human, is cute and since the series is ongoing, we have yet to arrive at the main conflict of Jiho finding out that Sia is a vampire.


We recommend unTouchable Webtoon for those who like romantic-comedies and K-dramas (yes reading this gives that feeling). The characters are beautifully drawn and everyone is fashionable and good-looking. This Webtoon has a constant rating of 9.55 in Line Webtoon app.


Now on its 108th episode, Sia and Jiho?s relationship is challenged because of what Moran, Sia?s sister, said to Jiho. Jiho is starting to doubt Sia?s intentions and thought that she would break up with him as soon as she gets tired of him. When confronted about this, Sia assures Jiho that she genuinely loves him. Sia decides that she will tell Jiho about her secret but first she goes to her sister to get answers on why she is trying to sabotage her relationship with Jiho.


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