REVIEW – ‘The Stanley Parable’: The Game Of The Century. Possibly The World’s Most Hilarious Game

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The Stanley Parable
The Stanley Parable

Like some of the indie games who are venturing the ?experimental? genre, The Stanley Parable is one those. The game of all games (not really, but if you?re into these kind of weird games, you?re in for a treat.) It used to be a mod for Half-Life 2, but it came to be a larger game on its own.

The Stanley Parable gameplay mainly revolves on walking around, interacting with things and for the most part, listening to the narrator and deciding if you will follow his story or NOT. The game is all about choices. A lot of games also have this feature, but none of them delivers quite as good as The Stanley Parable does.

The story revolves Stanley, a common office worker whose sole purpose was to press keys that the voice from the monitor in his room tells him. Every day seems like a dull day for any normal person, but Stanley was quite happy about it. Until one day, every person in the office mysteriously vanished without a trace leaving Stanley alone. From there onwards, Stanley?s adventure (inside the office and some of its hidden secrets) starts.

The gameplay and, especially, the narrator, might remind some gamers about the game Valve?s Portal with its dark sense of humor and with a non-stop talking person commenting on every move you do in the game (gladOS in Portal.) At the very beginning of the game, the narrator starts telling Stanley what he needs to do in order to progress on the story just like how he does his work. It is up to the player if they would follow the instruction however. In one instance, the narrator says that Stanley chooses the left door, you can simply ignore that and go to the right door and hear the hilarious feedbacks that the narrator has for you.

The game?s story flow is heavily influenced by the decisions you make and it would be certain that you would try out each and every possible choice that you can make and see how the narrator reacts. Whichever decision you make, regardless if you follow the narration, the game has a prepared scenario for which it tries to drag you back to the story that was supposed to be.

It is one of those games that never requires constant gunfight, running, ducking, collecting items and whatnot. You simply make choices and that?s where the game really shines. The game is very thought provoking as it somehow manifests the real world situations where you are limited to certain decisions and though you think you are in control, the reality is on the other side.

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