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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is exactly what it sounds like, an HD Remix. The art has been updated. The music had been remixed. But most importantly, it is the first Street Fighter game with an online release. The difference between the remix mode and the classic mode is that the classic mode preserves all the mechanics from original. In the remix mode, they changed the move list, the priority of attacks, some extra function for moves, and etcetera.

The only way to tell the difference between the two modes is if you have played Super Turbo consistently in the past. You would notice that some combos are easier or harder to do. The special moves are especially easy to perform in the remix mode. Just use Fei Long for example. They changed his Rekka kick from back, down, toward, up-toward + kick to down, toward, kick, which is a lot easier to perform and is one of Fei Long’s key moves to maintain pressure. Of course, they made his Rekka kick have slightly less priority as a trade off.

There are some changes that I did not like though. I feel Blanka’s electricity is too easy to perform. This actually has a negative impact because it makes combos with the rolling attack harder. For example, I am usually able to perform jumping middle punch (while holding back in air), back + middle punch, and into a medium rolling attack. Instead, all I get now is electricity away from my opponent. Another complaint of mine is they changed Zangief’s super execution from 720 motion + punch to half circle toward, half circle toward, back + punch (or reverse + punch). Now, I know that many of you would say that this makes standing super a lot easier for Zangief. Well, it does. But no one actually just do the super right in the open. They usually pressure with crouching middle kick or the glowing hand move and into the super. In this case, it gives player enough time perform a 720 without the worry of jumping away anyways. What this does is making jump-in supers feel less natural. My last complaint is that Dictator does not have any new reversals, or counter moves. Fighting against a good E. Honda or Zangief is almost impossible to escape when I get trapped in the corner. His only true reversal is his super and standing light punch to some effect. Though, this has always been the case. I guess I just have to build my meter as quickly as possible like I usually do.

Now, I know a lot of people would look at this game and would say that they animation of the game is lackluster. But that was never the point of this game. The point of this game was to rebalance Super Turbo and changing the hit boxes for this game would change everything. And for those who don’t remember, Super Turbo did not have great animations either. It was release fourteen years ago, after all. But personally, I thought that this game has a great comic book feel to it when I played. But that is what I expected from UDON, which is a great team of artists that has their own line of official Street Fighter comics.

As far as balance goes, I think the only character that is off is Gouki. It is not really fair for me that I could easily do a crossover middle-kick, crouching middle punch, and into a high Shoryuken that deals 40% damage and is almost a guarantee dizzy. Oh, and his super is impossible to retaliate against. I have tried countless times with many different characters to see if there are any counter moves. There is none! It is as if he has no hit box while in his super. My only suggestion is to jump away from the super. Do not freeze and press back to guard. It will only make you lose. Otherwise, I think the game is fair balanced. Every character still has their own strength and weaknesses against different characters.

As for the online portion of this game, I personally have very few problems with it. My only suggestion is to connect people with good ping. Remember, the online for this game is based on PvP. There are several factors in play. The first is that you or your opponent has bad internet connection. The second is that you and your opponent are far away from each other. The third is that your opponent is downloading or purposely lagging the game. Remember, as long as one of you is having internet problems, it would have negative affects to both player, regardless if you are using FiOS. I also think that this game has a great net code. It is almost comparable those of Soulcalibur IV’s and GGPO’s net code. Also, you may notice a several times that your opponent would disconnect as you are about to win a scoreboard match. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the game’s net code. Your opponent just does not want a loss in his record by leaving the game. Sore losers, I guess.

My only other complaint is that the game does not save your button format correctly. What do I mean by this? Well, there are many occasions when I turn on the game and go straight to an online match noticing that my buttons are all wrong. I would have expected that the game would have saved it. The next time I turn it on, I went straight to the button configuration and my configurations would be unchanged. It is just very random but it is a minor error that should be patchable soon.

To sum up my feelings for this game, I feel that it games offer everything that the developers promised and more. I did not expect the classic mode and the fact that I could use the old sprites as well is an added bonus. I guess I should not be surprised considering that they kept the same hit boxes. I love the music. I especially like the remix for Zangief’s and Boxer’s stage. For $15 USD, this game is a steal for Street Fighter fans everywhere. If you never liked Super Turbo then prepare for more of the same. As for the people who only play games for the single player or story, I do not recommend this game, or fighting games in general.

Overall, I would give this game a B+ because the game is not for everyone.

– Elton Wong


For those who might be confused when I said Boxer or Dictator, it is because the Japanese and the American versions of the games have alternative names for four characters, or rather that three of them were switched around.

Boxer = Balrog (US) = M. Bison (Japan)
Claw = Vega (US) = Balrog (Japan)
Dictator = M. Bison (US) = Vega (Japan)
Akuma (US) = Gouki (Japan)

Also, go to this link for more information about the changes in mechanics for the remix version.

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