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Super Monkey Ball has always been a fun series.? Loved it on the Gamecube.? I’m a fanatic about Monkey Ball skydiving.? With Wii motion controls the game just got better.? The point of Step & Roll however, is the added use of the Wii Balance Board.? Too bad Nintendo didn’t make this accessory usable by people over 330lbs.?

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll is standard Monkey Ball fare. You have to move you monkey to the end of each level. This time however, you can use the Wii motion controls. I have to admit, playing with the motion controls is more fun than it used to be with a controller on the Gamecube. It’s like your playing that puzzle game with the little silver ball. There are tons of levels to master, 70 to be exact! They aren’t easy at all and while this is a party game, I can see people spending plenty of hours trying to beat levels.

Graphically the game hasn’t changed much either. Can’t say it’s good or bad because it’s just how this game looks. It would be nice to see them take the visuals to the next level. Who knows we might even see a Monkey Ball game for Playstation Move and Natal.

Monkey Ball really gets fun with its mini games. There are 20 mini games altogether but all I need is Monkey Target. I can play that ALL DAY LONG. I did it on Gamecube too. Some of the party games are fun and some make you wonder if they were just thrown in for filler. The lunar lander game is cool, but you only get one attempt. Some of the other games don’t seem to react well to the motion controls. There are others that have to be played with the Balance Board so I couldn’t even test them.

Monkey Ball is ok as a single player game but GREAT as a party game. This means that the game will get more play when you have friends over or you play with your kids. That’s not a bad thing as that is what casual games are for. I would love to see a next gen version of this game with better motion controls and graphics and I think Sega will do it with the impending motion storm that’s coming this year.

Final Score:[Rating:3/5]

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