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For those of you that watched Unwrapped: Snowflake USB Microphone, I wanted to continue the conversation after having a good two weeks to use and test it out.

As you could see the device itself is very compact, very easy to fold up and fit in my laptop bag. I like that about this microphone, everything including the USB cord is able to be folded up into the case for safekeeping. I have broke several headsets during travel because they are not meant to be folded up and tucked in a bag.

The construction of the microphone is impressive. The front mic screen is made of metal and is very strong. It doesn’t give at all when it’s pressed on. Also the hinge in which the mic sits seems to be stainless steel very sturdy, and connects to the aluminum plate underneath that can slide out and allow you to prop it on your laptop screen.

The quality of this microphone is excellent and in my opinion it might be too good for my use. It picks up some sounds in my room that are very feint, but as far as clarity in comparison to my other headsets, this is much better and I plan on using it during our podcasts from now on. The fact that it picks up other sounds in my room is my fault. If you going to be recording a show it might not be such a good idea to have the fan or AC running. Placing it directly next to my PC with its 6 internal fans wasn’t such a hot idea either.

I also have noticed while using this mic with Skype that I am able to leave my speakers on without headset at times and Skype is able to cancel out the voices over the speakers. This was not possible with my other mics.

Reviewing microphones is not as cut and dry as I thought, everyone has their own tastes but mine say the Snowflake by Blue Microphones is a winner. Take a listen to our Warzone podcasts, I will be using it for here on out make your own determination.

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