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Sony decided to send every single Singstar game they just released. We have Singstar Vol. 2 for the PS3, Singstar Legends, Singstar Pop Vol. 2 and Singstar Country for the PS2. That’s a lot of Singstar. In fact, the only difference between all 4 titles is the music. So instead of doing the same review 4 times, we thought we’d put together our own Singstarpalooza!

Singstar Vol. 2 for the PS3 is the second version in the next generation Singstar series. The track list includes songs from Eminem, Natasha Bedingfield, The Police, Pink, Gnarls Barkley and many others. The GB track was a real surprise for me because I’m a huge fan. The store has over 300 songs available for purchase and if you create a European account, you’ll have access to even more music.

Singstar Vol. 2 has a good mix of music to keep anyone satisfied for a few hours. There was supposed to be a feature that allowed you to swap discs with PS2 Singstar titles so you could use the PS2 tracks in your PS3 version of the game. This patch has not been released and was not included in Vol. 2. This was somewhat of a disappointment because I hate having to quit the game just to play the songs off of the PS2 discs. I’m hoping this will be available soon, especially for those with 40gb PS3’s.

Singstar Legends takes us back through time. Everything from Elvis Presley to Biz Markie is included. There’s also tracks from the Monkees, Ray Charles, Elton John and David Bowie. This great for the older audience and those who grew up in the 70’s.

Singstar Pop 2 is filled with pop music from Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Santana, Duran Duran and tons of others.

Singstar Country, the one I had problems singing to, makes it’s debut. Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, Jessica Simpson and many others who I’ve never heard of, will make you want to shut off your Playstation. Unless of course you are a country music fan, which means you will enjoy this disc immensely.

There’s still no signs of wireless microphones. I’m hoping they make them available soon. It would be nice to free myself from these long mic cables. The Singstore has a lot of music but not enough. They really need to put a lot of the music that’s on Vol. 2 on the Singstore so people don’t have to opt for the plastic disc. There’s also a lack of HD video content on the store. More is better and the more you have the more people will download.

The latest Singstar games are a great addition to your collection. If you really want to have fun with a group of your friends, pop that Singstar Country in and see if you can score high on the vocal scale.

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