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Since playing Singstar for the PS2, I’ve kinda fallen in love with this series of karaoke games.  They are fun to play with or without friends and throw a unique twist into music gaming.  Singstar PS3 has taken the series up a full notch with the Singstore songs and the Singstar online community.

If you’ve played any Singstar game you’ll feel right at home with Singstar PS3.  It works with the existing Singstar microphones.  If you are lucky enough to have a Playstation Eye, you can also record your performances.  Singstar PS3 comes with a mix of music from all genres.  You’ll find everything from Amy Winehouse to The Cardigans.  There are a total of 30 tracks that come with the game and as you know, each track also has an accompanying video.

Singstar PS3 gameplay hasn’t changed one bit.  This time however, you can upload your performances to the Singstar Online Community.  Once you upload your performance, other people can view it and rate it.  They can also leave comments.  You can meet people online and exchange messages too.  Singstar has basically become it’s own social network.

The other new online feature is the Singstore.  With Singstore, you can purchase songs for $1.49 and download them permanently onto your PS3 hard drive.  I was pissed to find that someone was performing Gorillaz songs but I couldn’t find Gorillaz at all in the Singstore.  I even used my Europe account and still couldn’t find them.  However, I did learn that the Europe Singstore has more music available than the US Singstore.  So if you are looking for some songs that haven’t made it stateside yet, make yourself a Europe account.  There are currently 203 songs available in the Singstore.  The videos are tagged ‘SD’ for standard definition.  I’m hoping this means that there may be some ‘HD’ videos added to the store later.

People get really creative with this game.  One of my favorite videos is made by a guy named “Chewbacca”.  Look him up if you get the game.  He does all his performances in a Wookie costume.  For some reason, his video looks really good.  He has some great lighting coming into his room so it actually looks like he’s part of an original music video.  There are plenty of other really funny clips available to see.  People seem to have no problem uploading videos of themselves singing, whether they have a good voice or not.  That’s what makes this game so great.

In the offline mode, Singstar supports up to 8 players.  You can store pictures and performances locally.  Just like before, your performances are rated. All the game modes of the previous Singstar are also included.  There’s Solo, Battle, Duet, Practice and Pass The Mic modes.

Singstar is a welcomed addition to the PS3 lineup.  It’s an incredibly fun experience that only gets better with the online activities.  My only gripe is that there were wireless mics pictured in the intro video and I don’t even think those are available.  If you are looking for a little distraction from the typical FPS and driving games, I highly recommend Singstar PS3.

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