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Sony just loves sending those Singstar games and while the game doesn’t change at all, the music does. This time around we get an entire CD dedicated to ABBA. Wouldn’t you know that I’m an ABBA fan and this is the perfect addition to my ABBA Gold CD.

The music collection for Singstar ABBA is near perfect for ABBA fans. Classics like Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Mamma Mia and The Winner Takes It All are all included in this disc. In fact there are 25 ABBA songs in all. They all include music videos as well. I didn’t know ABBA put out so many videos.

As usual, one of my gripes is that the videos aren’t HD yet this game is on a Blu-Ray disc. What a waste. I was also hoping that this new Singstar would allow usage of PS2 Singstar discs but yet again, it’s not included. This was promised months ago and Sony still hasn’t implemented this feature. I’m hoping they do it soon for fans of this series.

What else is there to say? More music for the Singstar fans is always great!

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