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Red Faction Guerrilla is a third person shooter, that drops you into the open planet of mars, or at least a section of mars to start off, that has been inhabited and terraformed by a group called the EDF (Earth Defense Force). You play as Alec Mason, a mining engineer that comes to mars to start a new life with his brother Daniel, who has been on mars fighting with a group called the Red Faction Guerrillas. Once you land on mars and get together with your brother, you are attacked by the EDF and Daniel is killed. After the death of your brother, you escape from the EDF with the help from the Guerrillas, and Mason joins the Guerrilla’s fight to drive the EDF out of mars.

Once you start your campaign, you will notice that you have a sledge hammer. Now listen, because this is really important. You will come to LOVE this sledge hammer! Not just “like” the hammer but you will LOVE this hammer. Hell, you might even give the hammer a name like foxy…or… why not bertha? Now to understand the excitement of the hammer you must understand the way that Red Faction Guerrilla’s game play works. As you go off on your missions to rid mars of the EDF, there are points on the map called EDF points. You are asked to destroy these targets, and how you destroy them is up to you. Some of the things you will have to destroy are large bridges, buildings, and this my friends, is where Red Faction Guerrilla shines. Due to the game engines ability to allow you to destroy almost everything around you, the way buildings and bridges collapse or explode will continue to fill your heart with destruction for hours on end.

For the most part of the game, you will be helping out your fellow Guerrilla by doing certain missions. The missions are, Transporter, Heavy Metal, Guerrilla Raid, House Arrest, Guerrilla Action, Collateral Damage and Demolitions Master. These missions have you doing all sorts of things like, taking a specific type of car or truck back to one of your safe houses on mars, (please, don’t worry the driving mechanics in Red Faction Guerrilla are awesome). Other missions, just might have you jump on the back of a “trike” (three-wheeled motorcycle) and let loose some rockets to destroy some EDF stuff. Another mission type might have you rescuing captured colonists, and taking them back to your safe house. The EOS mission briefing are where you will progress the story along and unlock other parts of mars. When you arrive at these points you will be given a task by the leader of the Red Faction Guerrillas, these are the real missions that you will need to do to further the story and drive the EDF off mars.

The online of Red Faction Guerrilla is well put together. You will be playing game modes such as, Anarchy, Team Anarchy, Capture The Flag, Siege, Damage Control and Demolition. Most of these are standard multi-player modes, like anarchy and team anarchy, are basically equivalent to death and team death matches. You also have capture the flag where one team tries to take the other teams flag and return the flag to their base. Now siege is a cool new game mode, that has one team defined a set of key structures and another team attempting to destroy those structures in a certain amount of time. Damage control is your basic control points where two teams fight over three target points, and in demolition there are two teams and one team is assigned a destroyer, and that person has to go and destroy things to gather points and the same for the other team. Another game mode in Red Faction Guerrilla is called Wrecking Crew. In this off-line game mode, you can select a game type and basically go into a level and destroy everything or certain things depending on your objective. This mode can be played by more than one person as a type of competition with friends to see who can destroy the most stuff.

Red Faction Guerrilla is a great buy for any gamer looking to just have a great time destroying stuff. It doesn’t have the greatest story but where this game shines is in the game play. You will have moment after moment when you play this game, and as a gamer that is what I like the most. The game just feels great, weather its the shooting or the driving and the destruction that you can inflict is just great. If you like open world games you must try this out. If your a gamer that ever wanted to just destroy some stuff…then get this game. If you just want a game that you can vent some anger in then get this game.

Final Score:[Rating:4/5]

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