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Sup ya’ll! Ready to get served on yo’ DS? Free stylin’, cut downs and hip fashion coming at ya in Red Bull BC One! Does this game have what it takes to break open your wallet?

To me, this game will serve you a dose of sweet beats and fast moves! You’re probably wondering “Now how would someone play a game that involves break dancing?” Well, connect the dots! That’s what you have to do in order to get points and finish your opponent. There are different dot shapes and colors, but you can only match up the ones you have selected. So if I move my stylus on a red circle, then I will need to connect it with the rest of the red circles before the timer runs out. But there’s more to it than that! Often times, you’ll see other shapes in the path of your line as your connecting dots. What you’ll need to do is go around it and proceed with the connecting.

As the game progresses, so does the difficulty. You will lose a life if you’re not able to connect all the dots in time. However, let’s say you have four orange triangles and the timer is almost up. What you can do it just connect three of them together and still be able to keep that life. Just as long as you have those dots connected, you’ll be fine. But the challenges don’t always involve connecting dots…

There’s spray painting a white cut out, head spinning, hand standing and more! While these don’t take away lives if you mess up, they can add up a lot of points if you try your best at them. As you beat more stages, you’ll unlock more clothes to wear, mini games and stages. The fashion you wear doesn’t affect the game play, but it’s cool to have when going against another human in the multi-player function. Plus the Free Mode is good to have just to practice on your skills when the game gets a bit too hard for you.

The tracks are cool to listen to and it doesn’t get annoying fast or even at all. It changes at every country you visit and it gets better and better. Thought it would be great if they had an option to listen to these tracks while you’re on the go or just hanging out. For some one like me who likes (underground) hip hop beats without lyrics and not a big fan of break dancing, this game surprised the Hell out of me! I was hooked right when I got to playing against my opponents and watching the replay video of my character owning who ever went against me.

Is it worth the time and money? I’d say yes if you’re into games that won’t take too much of your time and gives you that “quick fix”.

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