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REVIEW: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a good representation of the fact that the LEGO formula in games still works like a charm. (like what they did in LEGO Batman 2 which starred DC characters) The game has a very good feel into it and the mechanics is something that is very easy to get absorbed into.

The same formula has been applied here just like what is done with most LEGO games, but with some added spice to cater specifically to both LEGO and Marvel fans and this takes a huge amount of effort to pull off. The game?s mechanics have been greatly improved and adjusted, but the real thing that brings this game up to its shiny pedestal is the setting and the story that pushes the gamers to that feeling of real adventure in gaming.

Compared to most LEGO games, it felt more like a buffed up LEGO game with LEGO Batman 2?s greatness multiplied by 10. It maintained the same comic humor, which the series is greatly known for, but what it does is it was able to pull this off with greater extent. All characters have their own voice overs. One to note though is that it follows a direction of a story of its own and not that of the original Marvel Universe.

The great thing about this installment is that, right at the very beginning, it quickly manages to throw in together most of the Marvel characters and icons. Unlike Batman 2 which took a bit too long to actually get access to other characters in the game, Marvel Superheroes changes it to a more streamlined but still challenging approach. It won?t be too long before characters like Thor, Spider Man, Mr. Fantastic, and more characters from the more than a hundred plus characters in the Marvel Universe joins in. Another great thing is that each and every character feels unique. That?s just about as half as much content you can experience in playing the game. There are tons of unlockables, hidden items and levels and a bunch of missions/sidequests.

While there are great things about the game, some stuff, which aren?t particularly that good, are still stuck and sometimes bug the gaming experience.The camera, for one, is still locked and there?s no way to move it freely. No online co-op as if it is still 2010 or earlier. It also has a bit dodgy of a flight control and the way you switch characters is a bit awkward.

Despite all these little shortcomings, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is still a rock-solid gold LEGO game which shouldn?t be missed by LEGO and Marvel fans.

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