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Ah yes, I said that I would get around to this and here it is! After many a night battling the Heartless and bladder problems, I have here for you the review for this beautiful and repolished gem, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+. What all “Final” and “Mix” about it? Read on to find out more!

First off, this review is for those who have already played or seen Kingdom Hearts 2. The game starts off just as before, the battle system, music, characters and stages are the same. Except, a few add-ins to “spice” things up. Such as collecting these crown emblems to unlock items and powers. New cut scenes that explain more of the story and character backgrounds. You will notice if they are new due to no voice overs that you would normally hear. The back story between Axl and Roxas goes a bit deeper, almost like Broke Back Mountain in my opinion. The graphics are the same, as I said before yet there is something very interesting to unlock after the end of the game. Now most of you already have seen the “Secret Ending” on Youtube, but seeing it on your tv after feeling like you deserve it is even better.


Better than the first, as any sequel should be. The strong sense of being in a critical battle can be heard and it sounds wonderful! I never once had to turn my TV on mute when it comes to playing this game. In every scene and action sequence, the music always did fit. When battling against Sephiroth, oh man you know I had the volume on high! Spectacular job on the chorus and music.

Game Play:

If you were a fan of the first and original KH2, then there shouldn’t be any doubt about this remake. It has what you loved from before and more. Such as new enemies and bosses to fight, plus the satisfaction of going up against a secret end boss that will test your skills. The ability to choose either Defence, Strength and Magic at the beginning is still there, and it does make a HUGE difference on how you play the game. Playing with the friends you gain in each world is just as fun and never a let down. As for the Gummi Ship battles, I never had so much fun blasting away lego blocks and Heartless in space before! The unlimited amount of customization and new parts is amazing and addictive. Though it would be best if my partners would stick close to me in a big battle against a over whelming army.


Same as the original, nothing new to explain here. Same goes for the Controls.


Same, but new cut scenes to explain more of what is happening and what will happen. Even for its sequel, Kingdom Hearts 3. If you know Japanese and can understand kanji, better off you are.


It’s basically made for fans of Kingdom Hearts and it serves its purpose tremendously. The games’ extras add more difficulty and game play, even for the hard core players. If you’re willing to dish out some extra cash for the import and a fan of the original game, then go for it.

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