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For all you “King of Fighter” fans who have spent countless tokens in the arcades… finally have the opportunity to play as much as you want for $30 dollars! That’s a deal for you fighter junkies!

I will start off by saying to my fellow gamers that have not played the line-up of KOF games from 94 to 98 you will find that they are similar to the likes of Madden and Racing games where each new version offers minimal upgrades for the additional dollars spent.For those that have not had the experience, here is the rundown on the collection.

The King of Fighters collection of Orochi Saga is truly the same game with features that should have been there from the start. For those of you who have played the KOF collection know that in King of Fighters ’94 it requires you to select a pre-made team of three fighters and allows you to fight against several other teams until they reach the end of the game. Once the fighter is defeated he is out of the game until the next match begins. In King of Fighters ’95, it gives the gamer an option of customizing the team with three fighters of their choosing, which adds a little flexibility to the teams. In King of Fighters ’96, pre-made teams were history and the game only allowed the gamer to create their team with fighters they selected.And in King of Fighters ’97 the game continues to allow you to create your team of fighters with the addition of a special attack feature. The ’98 version of King of Fighters provides an expanded roster of fighters while encorporating all of the previous changes made in this series.

The Wii version of this game allows you to utilize a variety of control set-ups to work with using 4 different types of controllers, the Wii remote/nun chuk, Wii remote, and a GameCube controller and the Nyko controller. The worst one of them all would have to be The Wii remote out of all these controls requiring you to somehow press 5 buttons to enter fireball and dragon-punch motions on the soreness-inducing D-pad while also using your left hand to press the A and B buttons. The Nun chuk controller at least makes it physically possible to play the game, but it feels a little awkward making the Nyko Controller the best choice and a serious step in the right direction.

Other features of the “King Of Fighter’s” collection is that it has practice modes where players can try out their moves with their favorite characters or teams on a handicap dummy. The game also has an added unique interface that’s easy accessible from any of the featured titles that adds a music store for complete soundtracks to all of the featured games, as well as an artwork section to see character illustrations and level designs from the SNK playmore staff. This brings up cool feature allowing you the ability to play to unlock these items.

Over all King of Fighters is a great deal for $30 for essentially a gathering of 5 complete 2D fighting games. An old school game that looks, sounds and feels the same way they did in the 90’s Unfair to grade this game as this is an old school favorite for old school play…you either like it or you don’t.

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