Review: Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System

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Wow! What a difference this remake has for any fan of the series! With a special DVD with all sorts of goodies and a new mode to play, could this be worth the import? Let’s find out!

Unlike the remake of Kingdom Hearts 2, there aren’t any new scenes to be discovered, as of yet. In fact, there are very few differences between this and the original. The textures, modeling, music, environments and characters are all the same. But what makes this so much better than the original? The “Job System”, or rather the “Zodiac” job system. You see, each Zodiac has its own style and powers. For example, Leo are for Knights and for Scorpio it would be Fighters. be careful though, once you have selected a Zodiac for a character, you can NOT go back! So before you select a Zodiac, press the Square button to see if that job will be the right choice for your character. In any case, it’s really up to you to decide.

The new mode is called “Trial Mode”, and that is where you must battle your way through a different set of enemies and bosses. The difficulty of course goes through the roof as you progress and you get the chance to fight a group of Judges all at the same time! Good luck with that. Not too sure about the rewards though, haven’t made it all the way through. There is however something Square-Enix has done to make this game a WHOLE lot more easier, and it’s what I call the “Fast Forward” button. That’s right folks, just press L1 and everything is on haste. Want to get to that save point all the way across town but have little time to do so? Easy, press and hold L1 and you’ll be there in a matter of seconds. This goes great with battles also, making them shorter and eases the player of not having to wait a long time with a monster/boss. Truly, this is one of the best features I have seen in any Final Fantasy game. Or any RPG for that matter, because we know that battles can take up so much of our time and having this will make it all so comfortable. Good job S-E, you made this critic happy.

Now the bonus DVD is a great addition as well, because you can watch interviews, trailers, artwork slide show and even “The History of Final Fantasy”. Yep, there is a documentary of the history about EVERY single Final Fantasy game except the gameboy versions, sorry. This is a treat for every fan of the series and it’s a pleasure to watch and appreciate what the series has done for everyone and what it has become. The menu text is in English, but the interviews are in Japanese only. Little bit of a loss, but doesn’t matter compared to the rest of the extras.

Speaking of extras, the Espers are now in your COMPLETE control this time! You can now move and select actions for your Esper at any time. So go nuts with those special powers and attacks! The same goes for Guests, but you can not unequip them. Little loss, but more to gain with the Espers at your disposal. There is how ever ONE flaw, ONE issue that I found and could not believe… A typo within the extra booklet. Under Fran’s profile, you will notice that her age is says “UNKNOW”, not “UNKNOWN”. Yeah it’s not a big deal, but it’s really the only thing I had found to point out. Sorry folks, but this remake is a true gem for any fan of the series or in RPGs.

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