REVIEW: ‘DustForce’: This Is What Happens in a Game Where You Give a Broom to a Ninja

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If you are fan of hardcore platforming games, particularly, on the PC, then you must have already tried some of the well-known games like Super Meat Boy, Sonic Series, N+, Mark of The Ninja, etc. If not, you need to try these games out as they are awesome instant classic platformers. But there is this one game that combines all the formula you see in todays fast-paced platformers in one game and with a mechanic you might have never seen before. Check out DustForce. A game where fighting dirt and grime is the goal of the game.

Cleaning your surroundings never felt this good (cleaning in general is a chore, mind you.) DustForce is all about fighting untidiness with Finesse and Style. To be more precise about how the game plays out, think of Mark of The Ninja and Devil May where the main weapon is either a broom, mop, pair of dusters or an epic vacuum cleaner. So much about how the game looks, one of the great highlights of the game is obviously its gameplay and minimalistic graphic style.

Navigating around the levels is a breeze. At least on the first tutorial levels which explain how the game goes. The next levels, however, will require you a bit of finesse as completing these stages this way is much a requirement to unlock more stages. The game demands ?perfection?. It might be a bit confusing at first (confusing like playing Megaman games for the first time) but the controls are quite simple. Easy to learn and yet, hard to master.

The animation and art-style of the game is also nothing short of amazing (and nostalgic at some point.) The animation flows at very fluid and you will feel better about seeing how you are stylishly getting rid of the world?s grime one at a time or all at the same time (there?s an in-game ability which lets you instantly ?clean? everything nearby like a ninja.)

The game measures how good you perform based on ?Completion? and ?Finesse? (Cleaning them all completely and without getting damaged. Yes, these dirts fight back.) Performing well will reward you silver and gold keys to unlock more levels (most of them, hard-as-nails.) It is like solving a puzzle while free running and battling baddies on-the-fly. Very few games actually accomplish this and DustForce easily pulls it off.

The only ?bad? part about this game is the ?Multiplayer? section where it focuses on battles rather than the game?s stronger point, the free running. After each multiplayer game, you automatically sent back to the main menu and this is tedious.

If you?re into classic-style Devil May Cry/Sonic mashup type of game, you need to get DustForce. It is available on both PC, PS3 and PS Vita as of the moment.

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