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Well the wait is finally over and DJ Hero is in our hands. More music, more family fun, more DLC and more press releases from Activision are on the way. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the concept of DJ Hero at first. I thought it was too gimmicky. Then I finally got to try it out and thought it was a blast. It’s more fun than Guitar Hero and more true to it’s real life counterpart.

I’m not even going to mention the graphics of DJ Hero. Unless Hero games go beyond the Wii boundaries, they’re not worth talking about. However, I must say that the character animation is great and it’s nice to see Grandmaster Flash accurately rendered.

With DJ Hero you get a turntable that’s about the size of a 45, a console with a cross fader, controller panel, effects knob and Euphoria button. It can be switched for lefty and right hand users. The game play is simple but has many mechanics. Much more than GH. You can scratch, cross fade, use effects, hit samples, back spin and even go head to head with a guitar. There’s plenty to do and the sets are long as they are comprised of more than one mix.

Speaking of mixes, they are awesome. I have to give them credit on the music selection. Who would have ever thought that Queen and Daft Punk would be a great mix? The worst however, is Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer. I know this was put in the game as a joke. It’s not all about hiphop though, it’s about DJing. So you’ll find techno style mixes, rock, hiphop and soul mixes. It’s not far from what you hear if you go to a club. While the hiphop choices are slim, there are some good ones in there. You’ll find Masta Ace, Cypris Hill, Tupac and Jurassic 5 among many other good artists. I was REALLY surprised to see David Axelrod’s The Edge on there. That track is timeless.

The game is filled with unlockables. You earn stars by playing and then when you earn enough, you unlock music sets, decks, skins, gear for your characters and more characters like DJ Shadow and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Becoming good takes a lot of effort. It’s just not a matter of pressing buttons. Timing a button push, scratch and cross fade can get difficult at times. With enough practice you’ll be able to go online and rank up quickly.

I can’t believe Activision won me over with this title. I was so done with Hero games and now I’m hooked again. This is a great edition to an existing GH game as you can use the guitar. It opens a whole new world for DLC and hiphop heads might appreciate this more than GH.

Final Score: [Rating:4/5]

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