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On January 8th, 2010, Vigil games, in association with publisher THQ, unleashed Darksiders on the shores of North America. Now at first glance you might think that Darksiders is nothing more than a God Of War style hack and slash action game. Would that be a correct assumption? Well? Maybe half correct. Once you play Darksiders it becomes clear in just a few hours that, this game has a lot more to offer then just combos and screaming.

In Darksiders you play the character ?War?, whom is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. At the start of the game, things on earth are not going very smooth. There is an all out battle between angels and demons from heaven and hell. War is summoned to bring things to order?but the thing is?War was not supposed to be summoned.

Not to give too much of the story away, we will move into the visual style of the game. When I started playing, I was taken back by the uniqueness of the art style. There is a great use of vibrant colors mixed in with dark and damp gritty environments. I’m guessing a war between heaven and hell would do that to a city. Along with a strong art style, the look of the characters is innovative and fresh. There wasn’t really a time throughout the game where I saw a character and said to myself ?This looks familiar? or ?That looks generic?. Darksiders has some of the best looking fantasy characters I have seen in any game this generation. That is saying a lot, especially with games such as Mass Effect 2 out on the market.

The sound of this game is nothing less than interesting, to say the least. The voice acting is well done and I loved the way the voices seem to fit the characters. War?s voice is especially well done and so is your in game vendor Vulgrim, who was voiced by veteran actor Mark Hamill. The in game music is not so spectacular. Not saying its bad I just really didn’t get any emotional reaction or connection from the in game music. The sound of the weapons are solid and I didn’t hear anything weird or that seemed out of place which is always a plus.

So now let’s get into the gameplay of Darksiders. As stated in the opening paragraph, Darksiders is part hack and slash but it is also part action adventure. Trying not to give away anything, I will say this?do you enjoy puzzles with your hacking and slashing? If yes, then your in the right place, If no, then don’t worry because I never had too much trouble with any of the puzzles. Now how does it feel to hack and slash in this game? Pretty damn good! You will be using melee weapons as your main source of striking power and you will also have a few ranged weapons at your disposal. Again, the fighting in this game feels fast and responsive and it has a wide range of combos for you to dominate your enemies as you slash your way through. You will be wielding more than one weapon at a time, so start combo with one weapon and finishing it off with another. There is also wrath abilities in Darksiders. These are your magic spells that only last a cretin amount of time, but give you an advantage over your opponents. One of them is your ?Chaos Form?, in which you turn into a large demon and as you might have guessed, can do a lot of damage.

With all of this said, Darksiders is a solid game. The story is fantastic and it really can move your gameplay time along because you want to see War do what he needs to do to set things straight. From the art style to the characters, Darksiders has great visuals. Even the way the characters move and the sound is worth watching. The sound is solid but other than the awesome voice acting, its nothing too special or over the top. The only real negative in Darksiders is that some of the gameplay seems drawn out and when I say that, I simply mean that some of the stages seem to be too big for what I would like. To put it all together, in video game form as it is, Darksiders is a great hack and slash, action adventure game, that I am sure most gamers will enjoy.

Final Score[Rating:4.5/5]

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