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Call of Duty’s story is still today one of the best in the WW2 genre. Unlike its counterparts CoD’s story had 3 protagonists which at the time was very refreshing and even today I prefer this approach to war games (If only we could play as the enemy as well).  You get thrown in the boots of American Pvt. Martin, Englishmen Sgt. Evans and Ruskie Pvt. Voronin. These 3 men will bring you through epic battles like D-Day, Operation Tonga and the Battle of Stalingrad.


This is where CoD controls all got started and boy are/were they ever good. Of course they weren’t groundbreaking seeing that MoH has very similar controls but whenever I think about making the perfect fps CoD’s controls are always up there. No health regeneration! This is where the newer CoD’s have messed up, we are not Master Chief we’re just simple humans we can’t regenerate health by ourselves almost instantly. This also adds a higher level of dificulty, if you think CoD 4’s veteran mode was hard try playing CoD Classic’s veteran.


For 2003 CoD had great visuals, but of course they don’t even hold a candle to this gens games. I really feel that Infinity Ward could of updated the visuals just a little bit for the sake of more picky gamers who are anal about graphics and it would also give a little  more eye candy to the gamers who think gameplay>visuals.



CoD’s sound is superb, it even outclasses some current gen games. Michael Giacchino composed the score and does a brilliant job, you might be familiar with his work via the newest Star Trek movie.


This is where it all began, CoD’s multiplayer is first class and still is better then 2/3’s of current gen multiplayer games. CoD’s multiplayer holds some features that I wish Infinity Ward would of stuck with, which is no perks and no health regeneration. The maps are also some of the best CoD has to offer, and I wouldn’t be suprised to see them re-packaged in a newer iteration. The only negative in the mulitplayer is that the old lobby system doesn’t really work well in today’s generation and 8 players max? Come on they could of added 4 more players, I’m not a game developer but I doubt that’s a hard task.

In conclusion Call of Duty Classic is in fact that a classic and should be played by anyone who is a fan of the WW2 genre. With no updated graphics, great sound, multiplayer that stands the test of time and one of the best storys in the ww2 genre; Call of Duty Classic earns a 4.5 out of 5.


Gamer Grammar:

CoD: Call of duty

MoH: Medal of Honor

FPS: First Person Shooter

Military Grammar:

Pvt: Private

Sgt: Sergeant

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