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Now, I’ve never been a big fan of the Call of Duty series and with a FPS game that deals with a more “realistic” setting (i.e. no aliens, plasma guns or cyborgs). In fact this would be the first CoD game that I’ve ever played, and now I can’t wait to play the next one! Out of all the other FPS games that I’ve played, and there’s a lot, this one truly stands out in both game play and gaming quality. I’ll go over the quality and feel of the game first, since that is what got me to play even more after I beaten the game.

The game begins like any other with a cinematic, but this one had movie cinematic quality, or look, to it. If you had watched Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, or Black Hawk Down, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the opening sequence. With every in game cut-scene, be it long or short, you get a much more immersed with the environment and characters. The development team did a great job with their research on the environment, because you can choose different paths to take out enemies or to take cover. Paint chips falling off of old buildings, dust and small debris being pushed around by the wind, and rust covering olf pipes and various metal objects. The lingo your partners use is accurate to what Marines use in real life, but can be confusing for those who are playing online with real Marines and never heard of such talk. While playing the first level, which was training level part 2 to me, seemed so very real with the way your partners and enemies interacted with each other. The hide and seek tactic while shooting, yelling out commands, and some times daring to go across the fields to wipe out a number of bad guys. Mind you, this is not the sort of game where you can run into a room full of baddies with guns blazing. You will die in a short matter of time if you get shot several times, or once with a grenade.

The controls are simple and easy to use in any situation. Meaning that you can go from an automatic to a sniper rifle and still be a pro, or really good with minimal problems of switching and then using. The sniper rifle does not have cross hairs until you look into the scope, so it’d be best if you only used it for long distant attacks. Which reminds me, if you can hit your target, then they can hit you too. It’s a fair deal of what everyone can do, so be careful of what weapon you use and how you use it. Jumping over small obsticles, ducking for cover, using ropes or ladders to climb up or down buildings is very simple to do and the player can get used to doing all those things within minutes.

The musical score is fast paced during the extreme moments when enemies are rushing at you, bombs dropping and vehicles exploding. Each BGM, Back Ground Music, fits perfectly to the scenario or environment that you are in or watching. Same goes for the voice-overs, a wide variety of tones and expressions that pull you a bit further into this world. It never gets annoying, which is a major plus since most other FPS games are “infected” with the common repetative musical headache score. Once again, a clap for the team for doing a great job on this.

Now with everything looking so good, what is there that could make players NOT wanting to play this or have them grow tired? Well, the single player mode is short and isn’t all that fun without other real people playing with you. I believe that this was made for online only, but don’t let that not make you play it offline. When first playing the game, I was confused at who I had to shoot at since some of the enemies looked like my partners. Then I realized who was on my team by their name popping up when I had my sights on them. Sorry about that, Gaz…

I wish there were more maps or a longer single player mode, because the story was short but had potential for more. More variety of weapons to carry would have helped in some situations, and same goes for the types of grenades. Another thing, it would have been awesome if I could get into a vehicle with some of my partners in the single player mode and have a blast. But I do understand that I would’ve been a sitting duck since vehicles can easily explode from a hit by a rocket or grenade. Well folks, hard for me to say this but this game is a true gem and every fan of any FPS or CoD should have this on their shelves.

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