Review: Buzz! Sports Quiz Pack

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Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough Buzz!, Sony drops a new quiz pack…Sports Quiz Pack! The Buzz! custom quiz community is pretty hot. People are constantly uploading quizzes for others to test themselves with. Even with such a huge community, Sony still supports this little underrated gem.

I used to be a basketball junky. I could tell you everything about college and pro ball, players and all. Nowadays video games takes up most of my time. I find that the Sports Quiz Pack is not only a great refresher for us old sports fanatics, but it’s also great for armchair quarterbacks.

Since they haven’t really updated Buzz! at all, you pretty much just get a new set of questions with this pack…just like every pack. What I would like to see is the game expanded to suite more players, different games to play and Playstation Eye support.

Buzz! could really grow to be something big and I’m hoping there are some surprises coming up in the near future. Sony does have casual games that cater to all demographics and this is one of the best. Don’t sleep on it!

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