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Buzz made a huge splash on the PS2 a short time ago and has finally landed on the PS3. The PS3 is the platform Buzz always should have been on. PSN gameplay, overhauled graphics and custom quizzes give Buzz Quiz TV the edge in casual family gaming.

Buzz Quiz TV offers so pretty hefty upgrades over it’s original PS2 cousin. The PSN gameplay feature is beautiful. Just start a network game and you’ll be paired up with 3 PSN strangers for some classic gameshow gameplay. Like the original Buzz, you can pick a character, clothes and a Buzz sound. As you play through the game you score points in your quest to win first place. Trophy support is included as this is a first party Sony title.

Buzz in high definition can’t be beat. The colors are better, the characters are animated more smoothly and they do more animations and have better reactions.

The games are pretty fun. You start off by picking a category and then playing it through. I found that on the multiple choice categories that it was retarded to allow the other players to see which answers you picked. If you are unsure of answers, just look what the other contestants picked and you’ll most likely get them correct. I don’t see any reason why your answers aren’t hidden but I’m hoping Sony addresses this. The other problem I found is that on the High Stakes level, there’s enough time for people to look up answers on the internet. I sat there wondering why people were taking so long to answer and then it hit me. I guess there’s no way around it but it’s pretty sad when people have to cheat to win a game.

The best feature of Buzz Quiz TV is the new hardware. I got so sick and tired of the tangled wires of my PS2 Buzz controllers. Finally I have 4 wireless Buzz controllers to play with. The downside is that you’ll need a ton of batteries for 4 player games. The Buzz controllers are also not Bluetooth. This means that you’ll have to use the included wireless USB receiver. No big deal really. I guess it was cheaper to do it this way.

If you want to make your own quizzes, head over to and register. Your quizzes that you make on your computer will be accessible in the game by you and others on the PSN.

What can I say? This update to Buzz is a perfect addition to the PS3 casual gaming force. The online features are really cool and making your own quizzes adds to the replay value of the game. You can play alone, with people online or with friends. Buzz Quiz TV is a true winner for the whole family.

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