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It’s funny you never hear much about Buzz! Quiz TV in the press. It’s a great family game and has custom content creation. It’s one of the few casual titles that truly got better when it was made for the PS3. Sony has released their first DLC for Buzz! Quiz TV called American Culture Pack. It’s a nice set of questions and is bound to test your knowledge of American history, culture, people, places and politics.

Downloading and installing the quiz pack was a breeze. It was hard to find it once I started Buzz! though. It can be found in the Brainiac channel. I wanted to just pop it in and play a quick game but Buzz! requires that you have one Buzz! controller plugged in to play the game. So I had to pop in the USB receiver and dig in my box of crap for one of my wireless Buzz! controllers. I hope they allow DS3 controller options in future updates.

The questions in the American Culture Pack range from easy to difficult. There’s just stuff in there some people won’t have a clue on. Of course there’s always Google if you are playing alone.

I wish Sony would release more packs like this. There’s tons of stuff happening in music and film. They could literally release new packs every year and the average Buzz! enthusiast would never get board. I guess the custom content creation is doing that for them though. There are people posting hundreds of custom quizzes for this game. It’s a really great idea and it’s about time I sat down and did my ultimate Bond quizz.

What else can I say? The American Culture Pack is an awesome addition to Buzz! Quiz TV. If you were looking for something new to spice the game up, this is it. I wish Sony would step up the DLC for this game and release them more often. Buzz! Quiz TV is the new Trivial Pursuit! Pick this one up if you are a fan.

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