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Ah yes, another game based on a hit anime series! Unlike some other anime-related titles, this one stands out with its unique fighting+card combo system. As we all know that in every fighting game each character has his/her own fighting style, and now with the card system in play it makes each character much more personalized to the player. Let me go into the card combo first, since that is the most interesting aspect of the game.

There are five different types of cards you can put into your deck. Recovery, Reinforcement, Attack, Action and Other. Mind you these are called “Spirit Cards”. You can recover your Spirit Pressure, which allows you to perform a special attack, and along with your Spirit Boost. There are cards that allow you to steal your opponent’s Spirit Boost/Pressure, force him to only attack with regular attacks, restrict him/her from using cards, and swapping Boosts. The number of combonations you can have with your characters is seemingly uncountable. You can have cards that deal with forcing or even poisoning your opponent while you deal out damage with a close range fighter. If you play with a weak fighter, customize your deck so you can up his/her attack or defense.

Now that is out of the way, let’s move on with the controls. A bit frustrating at first, but you get used to it after a few battles. Performing special attacks is simple enough, same goes for using any other attack. All characters have the same move, so there’s no need to remember who needs to do what in order to do their special move. Speaking of special moves, many of you fans out there already know of the Bankai, right? Well it is cool to perform, but it’s all too predictable to avoid or block. Not that it’s a waste, but use it only if you want to see something cool.

There’s a shop where you can buy more cards of a higher level, character colors, graphics and sounds. You can change your background, customize the voice that you hear in the menu screens, and flip through the art work gallery. The game does make it so you can really personalize almost anything. However, for the average fighting game fan it would seem almost meaningless.

The character roster is chuckful of interesting fighters from the series, including a playable boar, which you obtain after finishing a certain character’s storyline. Yep, there are 23 storylines to play through and each have their own view of what is going on in the main storyline. After completing each one, you earn some cash to purchase whatever you desire in the shop, a sound byte, character artwork or probably unlocking another character. Now, I’m not a big fan of the series or anything but this game does catch my interest with what it has to offer.

There are very few defaults to the game, but not enough to persuade anyone from getting it. The basic button combonations does make each character feel like the same thing, but with the card system it does change that around. The difficulty of the game isn’t much, so don’t expect a “Akuma” like character in the game to beef up the challenge. Once you get a good deck built, it’s going to be hard to find a challenge. Well, that’s until you play WiFi with someone else. So overall, this is a very interesting game filled with countless replay value.

Final ScoreA

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