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If you’ve used the internet as a means to get free software, then I’m sure you have numerous apps for video editing, ripping DVD’s, burning CD’s and converting audio and video files.  If I had one app for each of those processes, that would be a total of 5 applications.  No one wants to clutter there machine with tons of applications and that’s where Blaze Media Pro comes in.

Blaze Media Pro does it all.  With this one application you can convert video and audio files, rip DVD’s and CD’s, burn DVD’s and CD’s, edit videos, edit audio files, capture video and even export to flash format.  You can convert DVD to AVI, MPG and WMV.  It does it all in one gorgeously designed application.

You can download BMP for a free trial and then buy it at the end of the trial.  You get to use all the features during the trial too.

The interface is small and easy to navigate.  You can access all the tools easily from the main window.  Burning data CD’s for example, is as easy as clicking the button on the tool bar, dragging your data into the window and clicking the write CD button.  CD burning software doesn’t get easier than that.  The video editor is more complex if you are familiar with most industry standard editors, but for a beginner it’s great.  It also doesn’t carry the hefty price tag that most editors do.  You can convert and edit WMV, AVI and Mpeg files.  There’s no support for AVCHD yet, but hopefully in the future they’ll add it.

The audio tools are equally as robust as the video tools.  You can edit any audio file and re-export to a multitude of formats including mp3, ogg, wav and wma.  You can edit and splice these audio files and save them as your own edit into a different format.

Blaze Media Pro is one of the best shareware apps available on the net.  DVD burning software is now at the tip of your fingers and easy enough for anyone to use.  No more searching high and low for all your media tools, just get everything in one package.  You can download the software trial at

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