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The first 10 years of the 21st century will be remembered for a lot of things.  As far as gaming goes however, this decade will be remembered for musical gaming.  DDR made us dance, Guitar Hero made us strum and now Battle Of The Bands has us using music as a weapon of mass destruction.

The first thing you’ll notice about Battle Of The Bands is that all of the songs are covers.  Most notably, Insane In The Membrane by Cypress Hill and Feel Good by Gorillaz, which are my favorite.  There are 30 songs in total.  Each song has 5 different versions:  Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Marching Band and Latin.  So if you pick a Latin band you’ll be doing the Latin version of songs.  Every song in the game was covered 5 times.  What’s funny is with songs like Insane In The Membrane, the Latin version is in Spanish.

The gameplay is basic.  Beats flow upward on a Beat Scroll and you have to flick your Wiimote in the direction the notes are pointing.  The Beat Scroll is similar to what you see the notes scrolling on in Guitar Hero.  Notes can go left, right, down or stab.  A stab strike of your Wiimote requires you to stab forward like you would with a sword or knife.  There’s also beats that require you to shake the Wiimote back and forth.

The object of the game is to outscore the other band. You outscore them by taking control of the music.  If you successfully land attacks on your opponent, you will gain control of the music and it will switch to your genre.  When you choose your band at the beginning of the game, you pick a band who performs the genre of your liking.  No two bands can be of the same genre.  In other words, you can’t have Country VS Country or Rock VS Rock.

During gameplay you can launch attacks at your opponent.  There are several different weapons do use for these attacks.  At the beginning of the game you choose 3 of these weapons which have limited ammo.  The weapons do a various amount of things to cause your opponent to lose.  The list of weapons you can use include:  Bounce Block, Bomb Defuser, Speed Up, Fire Cursor, Land Mine, Shock Rails, Small Notes, Note Scramble, Rapid Fire, Smoke Screen, Flip Out and Ice Cursor.  As you can see, there’s some pretty cool things you can do to stifle your opponent from getting ahead.

Battle Of The Bands is very simplistic.  I wasn’t challenged at all in single player mode.  In fact, this game only becomes fun when you play with someone else.  The computer is so slow and the AI is so retarded that it’s hard to lose on even the hardest difficulty.  Many my bypass this game for trying to be a Guitar Hero clone, but it’s not a clone, it’s something new that plays a little like GH.

This game is very interesting and fun with other players, but falls short on single player mode.  I was never motivated to play by myself.  Kids will love it!  I don’t know what they could do to make this game more appealing.  A 4-player mode might be cool.  If you are looking for obscure titles for your Wii that aren’t made by Nintendo, Battle Of The Bands may interest you.

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