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Bastard Webtoon Review

It?s gruesome, dark, and freakingly terrifying. Bastard Webtoon is a psychological horror/thriller story that centers around a boy named Jin Seon and his father, Dongsoo Seon, a rich CEO who has a dual personality. Dragged into their nightmare-ish lives are high school students: Manny Kim and Kyun Yoon.

The Synopsis

In a small town, young girls have been reported to be missing and that a serial killer is on the loose.

Jin Seon?s father is the murderer, and the son is an accomplice.

Jin Seon and his father

Jin Seon is a tormented kid at home and on the inside. In school, he appears to be a shy, timid and a weakling who does not have any friends. Jin Seon is being raised by his single father, Dongsoo Seon, who in public, is a kind and charismatic CEO of a big company. Jin Seon believes that when he was young, his father pushed him off a building and tried to kill him. He survives this horrific accident, leaving him with one glass eye, artificial valves in his heart, metal bolts and plates in his joints, and with no memories prior to his fall.

One day, Jin sees his father (Dongsoo) dragging a young woman?s lifeless body across the floor. Dongsoo forces Jin to help him dispose of it. Next thing you know, Jin begins to be the one who lures the women into their apartment, pretending sometimes to be a student in need of a tutor. Often times, he would also be the one to knock them down using a wrapped mallet and then pass the unconscious body to his dad. One time he also acted as an alibi of his father to escape a possible police interrogation.

Kyun Yoon

A bullying incident led Jin to meet the new transfer student, Kyun Yoon. Kyun Yoon became his father?s next prey. This time, Jin would not allow it. From this point onwards, Jin starts to rebel against his father and vows to protect Kyun Yoon. He develops feelings for her as they get to know each other better. Because of Kyun Yoon?s presence, Jin is able to overcome his sociopathic personality and perhaps, stop Jin?s destiny of becoming like his dad.

Bastard Webtoon Review

Manny Kim

Manny is a tsundere character, who at first, was a big shot delinquent. Upon learning that Jin is a son of a highly respected CEO, he befriends him secretly to avoid soiling his “gangster” reputation. Manny teaches Jin how to fight and as soon as Dongsoo learns of this, he tries to set up an accident that kills Manny?s parents and leaves Manny and his sister severely injured.

Now on its 63rd chapter, Bastard Webtoon is slowly gaining recognition. The story, as you can see, is freakingly good, which is what can also be said about its art. So read it only if you can stomach gore and violence. Find out if Jin can escape his demon of a father. Read Bastard Webtoon by author Carnby Kim (City Of Dead Sorcerer) and illustrator Youngchan Hwang here.

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