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As much as I love iPods, I simply cannot stand earbuds.  The only other option up until now was regular headphones, which are just too big and clunky to wear.  My issue with earbuds is that they always fall out of my ears.  My ears weren’t designed for earbuds.  I’m constantly adjusting them or pushing them back in so they don’t fall out.  Along comes AirDrives.

AirDrives ust new technology called InAir.  It basically drives the sound into your ear.  The fact that the AirDrives don’t actually sit inside your ears means that you can still hear your surroundings and carry on a conversation with someone while listening to music.

I’ve used them extensively and they are quite comfortable.  The AirDrives fit over the back of your ears and the AirDrives themselves act like tiny little speakers that sit on the outside of you ears.  Because of the way they fit over your ears you never have to worry about them falling out and interuptting your listening pleasure.

It’s about time someone came up with an innovative design that is truly functional for listening to your mp3 player on the go.  The AirDrives retail for $79.99 and the childrens version for $49.99.  They also have an iPod/iPhone version for $99.99.   I’m going to order a ton of these this Christmas and do away with earbuds for good.

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