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REVIEW: ‘ 7 Days to Die’: A New Zombie Survival Game in Alpha Stage. Is It Worth Getting?

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7 Days to Die
7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is another game who is jumping on the bandwagon of open world survival games that are becoming the new trend in gaming right now. It?s not about fighting, shooting or platforming anymore. More and more games are getting popular because if this certain game mechanic about ?rummaging?. Games that require you to dig around, scavenge for stuff, get materials to use for crafting, etc. This is all thanks to Minecraft. Well, most of it.

7 Days to Die uses the same formula of Post-Apocalyptic survival games which can also be found with similar games like DayZ, Rust and Project: Zomboid. The goal is simple. Survive the zombie plague by scavenging food, materials and weapons during that day (which is the best time to do it) and defending yourself at night. This might not be a relatively new formula since it has been used greatly by other games who came before, especially Mincraft. 7 Days to Die is still in Alpha stages, but it is definitely headed in that direction.

What sets the game apart from the MANY open world zombie infestation survival games is that the world of of 7 Days to Die is not procedurally generated. That means you can get accustomed to certain places and adapt to them real quick. You can pinpoint places where it is best to hide, get supplies and whatnot. The area, however, is random. You can be spawned at an area with good guns and supplies and sometimes, you can get into an area with practically, nothing.

Combat is relatively easy. You can easily down a zombie with bare hands in easy mode and the supplies scattered around the world aren?t scarce either. If you are looking for a good challenge, cranking up the difficulty might be a good idea.

As the combat is fairly easy, all these changes during night time as the zombies begin to become more agile and lethal. It?d be a good idea to find a good hiding spot at these times, but zombies aren?t that dumb in this game either. They can break in through the window or even by making holes in the ceiling.

7 Days to Die can be a good game in the future, but there are some moans that needs to be addressed however. While it is given that the game is still in the alpha stages, there are quite a number of bugs that can become a turn-off with the game. Some textures do not look polished enough and there are some horrible clippings occurring in the game. The developers are boasting tons of future additions to the game, but it would be more apt if they actually focus on fixing up what?s already in the game rather than slapping a couple of additional features while leaving the numerous bugs behind untouched.

This is not to say that 7 Days to Die is not a good game. It has the potential and it is in alpha stage after all. We can still hope that it gets better as the updates push through. We will not provide ratings for it yet as the game is still under development.

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