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Capcom has done a wonderful thing, they’ve decided to remake a lot of their classics. Dipping into the brown bag of goodies is always good and Capcom proves that they are a fully capable developer. We’ve seen rehashes of Commando, Bionic Commando and now 1942. Is 1942: Joint Strike a weak attempt at cashing in on the XBLA cow or has Capcom hit gold once again on one of their oldest shooters?

I’ve always been a fan of old school Capcom games. 1942 was probably one of the first vertical scrolling shooters I played after Xevious. There may be others but this series made a huge impact on all fans of shooters. Joint Strike brings it all back in a huge way. There’s online co-op, 3D graphics, achievements and leaderboards. Talk about upping the ante!

Graphically I couldn’t be more impressed with JS. They took an already useful art design and just made it better, not different. Now you get close ups of your ship, better explosions, classic weapons that have been enhanced, HD graphics and an incredible soundtrack to boot.

There are 3 planes to choose from: The Lighting, the Mosquito and The Shinden. They are all veritable fighters but the most power and balance goes to the Mosquito. There are several difficulty levels and they are all very challenging.

There are 12 different Achievements available and believe it or not, they aren’t all easy. There are even some which require you to play co-op mode.

Certain parts of the game, including boss fights, will remind you of games like Ikaruga. You find yourself being hammered by little bullets all over the screen. Nothing better than a bomb to clear everything out. Might I also add that you get missiles in this game.

What can I say about 1942: Joint Strike? It’s a great sequel and it’s in HD. The game does everything it should and does it well. Hats off to Capcom once again for digging into the classics bag for us one more time!

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