?Revenge? Series Season 5 Now A Strong Possibility? Emily And Madeleine To Return?

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A ?Revenge? spin-off isn?t too far behind as talks about a new show is in the works for ABC. The American drama left its fan quite so suddenly when the show was cancelled earlier this year and wouldn’t be back for Revenge Season 5. ?Revenge? was stated as one of the network?s most important series of the last few years, hailing it as ?a critical brand? for ABC, posted by Deadline.

Revenge Series Season 5: Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe

There?s no doubt that fans have to say goodbye to their favorite show but it doesn?t mean that Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe have to go away. Executive Producer Sunil Nayar made a statement during the announcement of the show?s finale a while back, where he hinted about a possible Revenge season 5, posted by Movie News Guide.

?The idea had been floated that a character or two from ?Revenge? could show up on her [Sallie Patrick] show,? Sunil Nayar said in an interview with TVLine in May. ?The idea was to build [the two shows] in the same universe.?

?The Kingmakers?

With the sorrowful end of the acclaimed TV show from ABC, they tried to launch an unofficial spin-off to appease some angry fans. The show was called ?The Kingmakers,? by Sallie Patrick, which follows a young man going undercover to search for his sister?s murderer. Unfortunately, ?The Kingmakers? pilot wasn?t appreciated and was never picked up, according to Metro.

But ABC President Paul Lee hasn?t trashed the idea of creating an entire ?Revenge? spin-off, shared by Metro. ?We didn?t pick up the pilot, but Revenge is a wonderful brand around the world and it doesn?t preclude us from doing it again,? Paul Lee said after the company?s TCA session, from Deadline.

?Revenge? fans should keep their fingers crossed and wait for another show from ABC that might make it into a full length spin-off series.


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