Reveal softer, more glowing skin without taking a trip to the facial spa

This 3-in-1 smart facial cleansing device is all you need to take your skin care routine to the next level

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Keeping your skin healthy and glowing requires consistency and discipline. Regular washing is usually not enough because getting rid of oil, dirt and makeup isn’t just as easy as 123. Your bare hands just won’t do the job more often than not. Thus, the occasional need to visit a facial spa for deep cleansing and more skincare TLC.
But who says you have to always have to take a trip to the facial spa and pay a hefty price when you can take the spa right into your home and enjoy your own facial spa all day, everyday? Yes, that can now be made possible with this 3-in-1 Smart Facial Cleansing and Rejuvenating Device From Luxamax.

Luxamax’ 3-in-1 Smart Facial Cleansing and Rejuvenating Device is engineered to take your facial spa experience to the next level. It is a smart device incorporated with the latest features you’ve never seen or experienced in beauty technology!

This smart facial cleansing device is not just like your typical facial cleansing brush. It can gently remove the dirt and gunk at the deepest levels without hurting your skin. Its precise cushioned cleansing makes a cleaner and clearer skin more visible so you can finally say goodbye to skin impurities right at the comfort of your home.

Another feature you’ll love about this smart cleansing device is how it contours your face so that it looks younger and plumper. It has an anti-aging head on the reverse side of the device for skin care infusion and collagen boosting that firms the skin and enhances the results of your skincare products. It’s definitely an extraordinary facial brush because it has a smart self-disinfection system to sanitize your brush head after each treatment.

It features 3 modes that perform your specific goals:
  • PURIFY MODE – High-tech Facial Cleanser & Firming Massager
  • LUXIFY MODE – Skincare Infusion & Collagen Boosting System
  • UVC MODE – Revolutionary Self-disinfection Technology
Your skin deserves the best level of care and you can give it the highest care it deserves without leaving your bathroom with this 3-in-1 device that can give you visible results in a matter of one week!