Revamped Skype App for iPhone Now Available, Should You Switch Back?

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Microsoft has released a revamped version of the popular voice and messaging service iPhone app, Skype. Years of disappointment though may have taken its toll and the question right now would be if the current update is able to convince users who ditched the service previously to come back.

Microsoft promises that the revamped Skype app for the iPhone will be a lot better than the current version. The latest version is version 5.0 and Microsoft has mentioned that their IM, audio/video communications and IP phone calling app has been rebuilt from the ground up. This means that the app should be faster and more stable compared to the previous iteration. The user interface has also been redesigned to have a faster, more fluid, and overall better user experience.

Gary Wong of Microsoft said in a blog post: ?We’re excited for you to see how the new app has been redesigned to put your conversations first, providing you with a smoother, leaner and more integrated experience.?

Aside from this experience, one of the problems that the iPhone Skype app has had in the past is the lack of synchronization between platforms. Microsoft has promised that Skype 5.0 for the iPhone will stay synchronized with user?s Skype on other platforms or devices like the PC. This means that your read messages won?t appear as unread on other devices. This has been a major complaint for Skype users as it creates confusion and can lead to misunderstandings or messages possibly getting missed out completely.

A little while back, Microsoft gave a sneak preview at some of the update?s major enhancements. Some of these include smoother scrolling among screens as well as the ability to send messages and photos to contacts who were offline.

Microsoft is looking to aggressively push updates for their Skype app as Wong also mentioned that: ?Skype 5.0 for iPhone is just the beginning of a new Skype experience on iPhone?.

Skype 5.0 for the iPhone needs iOS 7 or later in order to work. Users on iOS 6 can download Skype 4.17 instead. An iPad edition of the app is also currently in the works.

Have you downloaded the latest Skype app for iPhone? What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

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