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Retailers Reveal Xbox One Bundle with GTA 5 and In-Game Currency

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Xbox One Bundle

An Xbox One Bundle has been recently revealed by two retailers, mainly Gamestop and Best Buy. According to Gamespot, the two retailers are offering an Xbox One Bundle that includes the Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) game and some in-game currency for the console.

If you?re wondering about the amount of in-game currency included, it actually comes in the form of the Great White Shark Cash Card, which can be bought for $20 in the real world. The Cash Card is also equivalent to 1.25 million worth of in-game currency.

If you haven?t owned an Xbox One console, but are a fan of GTA5, this may be the perfect time for you to purchase the deal. Meanwhile , VG247 also reported a separate bundle for the Xbox One console.

Available on eBay is the Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle, which includes free games mainly Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy?s Division and the Assassin?s Creed. Currently, the deal is still available on eBay, but with an offer seemingly hard to resist, we?re sure it?ll be gone pretty soon.

The Xbox One 1TB Bundle on eBay is currently priced at $399, making it one of the most sought after Xbox One Bundles existing at the moment.

The GTA5 game is one of the best selling games for Xbox One since it launched in 2013. Because of the success it bought in from sales and revenue, the franchise is able to release different versions and this 2016, GTA5 sits confidently on the 3rd spot of the best selling games in the U.S.

According to Windows Central, the current Xbox One Bundle that includes GTA5 and some in-game currency is also being offered at the Microsoft Online Store. Currently, the store offers the bundle until March 19. Amazon, on the other hand, has also offered the bundle and an additional offer of bonus game entitled, Forza Horizon 2.


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