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Respawn’s Titanfall To Be Updated Soon: Highlights About the Changes and Improvements

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Respawn Entertainment, the studio responsible for the inception Titanfall, has announced an impending improvement to the game in its third patch update that will coincide with the launch of Expedition DLC map packs. Titanfall is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. It is introduced earlier this year and topped the NPD charts for software sales in March 2014. The official Titanfall website published the list of patch notes ?for the third game update but if you just want to check out the highlights, continue to read on.

One important improvement noted by the game?s players is ?being able to access the previous game?s scoreboard inside the post-match lobby. This new access allows players to change loadout names which in turn provide two mode-specific, custom loadouts.

After playing a game mode five times, a player will earn his first custom loadout. Following the completion of the tenth match of the same mode, he will then be given access to the second loadout. In previous versions, players are pulled into a match with no option to modify loadouts for the match they are about to play. But with these new options for custom loadouts, it will be easier for players to customize abilities and weapons to the kind of match to be played.

Game Update Three also includes revisions on how the game will deal with quitters. If a player leaves a match before a winner is declared, he will now earn a loss. The update also tackles the alteration of Dome Shields and the increase in damage given by Nuclear Ejections. A handful of bug fixes is also provided by this patch update which includes an upgrade to matchmaking algorithms that will make matches less inclined to put players in the same map consecutively.

There are some system-specific improvements integrated to the update as well. For example, the Windows PC version of Titanfall will be supporting up to 144 frames per second (fps) of refresh rates along with the new option for players to mute one another from their scoreboards. ?Despite announcing the changes that this game update will bring, Respawn has yet to announce a certain date when they will roll out this update. Nonetheless, they assured fans of Titanfall that this will go live soon for the PC and Xbox One. They also reiterated their goal of continuing to improve the game and will provide the same update to the Xbox 360 a little after the two consoles mentioned.

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