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Here it is at long last! My Resistance 2 Review.  I must admit that when Resistance 1 was launched for PS3 I did not pick up a copy, I was too knee deep in other games and shooters and never really gave the franchise a chance.  But during my visit to E3 2008 and a chance to check out Resistance 2 I had to ask myself, “How could I not have picked up a copy of Resistance 1?”…

I almost immediately got a copy of it upon my return and like a good book couldn’t put it down until It was complete. Oh boy I was impressed.  I was impressed by the story, the graphics, and its gameplay.  So its no surprise that this time I could not wait for Resistance 2. Resistance 2 continues right where Resistance Fall Of Man left off, we are still following the story of Nathan Hale now on American shores seemingly safe from harm fleeing the devastation in Europe.  The Americas was thought to be safe from the scourge of the Chimera. Wrong, this time they have arrived in huge fashion.  GIANT Ships, GIANT Monsters, GIANT everything. You get the sense while playing this game that Insomniac really wanted to go big, and boy did they.  When you first start the game you don’t have to wait long to encounter a GIANT 300 foot robot all while fighting off Chimerian surge. It doesn’t take long to figure out the weakness of this huge monster, 4 shots from the Titan rocket launcher in its rear exhaust ports and it collapses in ruin.

Playing this game on a 1080p 120 Hz screen is a real joy, the Graphics are incredible, the weapons are amazing. I love how they added new weapons and we don’t need to get to the end of the game to use them, lots of them were available early on in the drama.  The most impressive part of the single campaign for me was the huge Kraken monster that you battle in the water. Now I know the huge Leviathan was impressive too but playing this game near midnight in the dark with surround sound was a really incredible experience.  This Kraken thing scared the living daylights out of me.  First off this thing busts down a huge steel door, then opens its huge mouth blasting you with its breath along with a huge scream and poison breath.  During this battle the weapon to use is the trusty MP47 Pulse Cannon. It shoots out a huge rail-gun like blast that really pisses this thing off. Seemingly you believe to have defeated this monster only to have to battle it again to escape the level. Near the end of the level when you finally get outside and you see the extent of the Chimera infestation.  Huge motherships surrounding the city of San Francisco, completely destroying and occupying the skyline.  This may be one of the most impressive moments I have seen during my PS3 gaming experience. This is a MUST BUY GAME.

Now I did not want to spend the whole time getting into the single player mode of this game. If you are into 1st person shooters and are experienced with them you should know what to expect and I don’t want to spoil that for you. But I will say that this story does not disappoint, it has everything you want and need in a Next Gen shooter.

With single player mode out of the way lets talk about the online experience.  This is a whole different ball game. 60 players online 30 on 30 battles and no lag to be seen, Sony and Insomniac really did it right with this game online.  I love the Class system, giving you the choice to become a Medic, Soldier, and Special Ops fighter each having special abilities.  The Medic can heal other party members quickly with a weapon that can take health from enemies and give it to other players in your party.  The Soldiers have a shield and heavy weaponry to take down enemies quickly. While the Special Ops can use sniper rifles and can generate clips and ammo for the rest of their party.  Personally I really enjoy being the Medic, its fun to run around healing up your group, especially at night when my gaming ability begins to deteriorate as I start to fall asleep.

Like Call of Duty 4, Resistance 2 has added a ranking system that lets you level your profile. Confusingly though you can level your character on Co-op mode and Competitive mode, I was level 5 in Campaign mode but when I went into Competitive mode I had to start back at level 1.  That was kinda confusing and I wish you could bridge the two, but I guess I can understand as you are ranked in Competitive mode.  The leveling system really adds an important element to the game, like COD4 it makes you want to come back and play, I like the leveling element to shooters.  It is a good mix and I hope it continues.  The action on multi-player is pretty crazy with the spawn system and in 60 player games its gets CRAZY!  If you want non stop action and not needing to search for players all the time to blast this game is for you.  You wont find a clear area in a 60 player online match!

Overall this is one of the best games of the year, Im not going to say its the best, but it will be right up there.  If your saying wait! You haven’t mentioned very many cons!  Well I have a few issues the game is great but far from perfect.  A major issue for me is the lack of feeling of terrain while moving, someone said to me earlier during its release that you feel like your gliding on ice skates or like a ghost. You seem to just move around smoothly when your running around in war torn terrain! I totally got that feeling and couldn’t agree more.
Also, some parts of the story to me were interesting, but ended without much fanfare and ended up having nothing to do with anything. Also even though the graphics were amazing there were some moments where some of the textures were pretty bad, I noticed some jaggies from time to time, and some other possible glitches but nothing major.  I think what bothered me most about this game were the areas where you encountered the invisible chameleon monster that you cant see. It was basically an instant death that you could not see coming, and required no skill at all other than to hope you fire your shotgun at the exact moment.

These issues aside, if your a true gamer and got a PS3 Resistance 2 is a MUST BUY game as far as I’m concerned.  Im hooked on the franchise and can’t wait to see what Insomniac and Sony come up with next with a few more years squeezing power out of this system.  So sorry about the delay of this review, and I know some of you have not got R2 yet, but if you can add this to your Christmas list it will bring you plenty of gaming joy this holiday.

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