Resident Evil Goes Shooter In Umbrella Corps? Price And Release Date Here!

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The latest announcement for a new Resident Evil game will be more of a shoot fest rather than a survival fest.

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will be a team-based, third-person shooter and is scheduled to release in 2016. It will focus on Special Forces mercenaries fighting against one another on behalf of the Umbrella Corporation. The game can be compared to the less successful Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, but more of a competitive approach rather than focusing on co-op campaigns.

From the trailer shown, Umbrella Corps will feature some new mechanics, such as analog cover, where it seems you can adjust your angle of firing when covering at a wall, another is the zombie shield, where players can grab a zombie and unleash a hail of bullets at close range, it can even double as a meat shield, where you can take cover from enemy bullets as you used a zombie as a shield, another feature though until uncertain of its main purpose is the Zombie Jammer, from the looks on the trailer, you can shoot behind the enemy and it will emit a jamming signal that will attract zombies to the affected target. Some weapons were introduced as well, including the Brainer melee weapon which look more of a pick axe that can be used in climbing ledges for stealth attacks or as a one-hit melee kill on opponents, one scene on the video shows that you can actually clash with an opponent with the same weapon, resulting in parrying their weapons. Another weapon is the Terrain Spikes where you can perform take down attacks on down opponents.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corp is aimed as an online shooting game that can be played with other players around the globe. It will be available next year with a $30 price tag and is available on the PlayStation 4 and PC


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