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Resident Evil 8 To ‘Evolve Survival Horror,’ Says Capcom

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Resident Evil 8
Source: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Announcement Trailer – E3 2016 video

Recently, the Resident Evil YouTube channel’s new video confirms some plans for a next Resident Evil entry in the future. The developers have already confirmed some “plans” for their next game. Potentially, the next Resident Evil 8 entry would allow Capcom to show off their plan to “evolve survival horror” in this next one.

“Next Game” Confirmed

As heard in Capcom’s “Making of Part Four: The House That Jack Built” video, Resident Evil 7 executive producer Jun Takeuchi discussed a drive “to start of a new kind of survival horror and of a new series” with the recent title. Additionally, Takeuchi said that they already made “various plans for the next game” but would want to see how they can evolve the survival horror genre more. This brief video confirms that they’re going to work on a next game. However, we won’t know if this next survival horror game will be titled Resident Evil 8 or not.

While Capcom is pushing to evolve their survival horror series, they will always retain one aspect in their future entries. “In the next few years technology will continue to advance and what players want may also change, but we will always want to create horror experiences where the characters overcome a difficult situation,” Takeuchi said.

“That to me is what survival horror is all about, and the next resident evil game, and the one after that, every future Resident Evil, will feature characters getting through crises like this. And so the current masterpiece is jut the beginning, while still retaining that core survival horror concept of people overcoming the odds. Resident Evil will always retain that essence,”Takeuchi added.

Resident Evil 7’s Horror Style

Capcom also discussed other aspects of Resident Evil 7 in the video. Resident Evil 7 Audio Director Wataru Hachisako detailed how they tried to make the latest entry feel scary for everyone.

“The most important rule we had to follow when making Resident Evil 7 was that it had to be scary, no matter who the player was, Hachisako said. “So we made sure not to learn too much towards one particular sub-genre of horror sound design as the would make it less universally scary. We wanted it to be a game that anyone could understand and be scared by.”

Aside from the scare-factor, the developers also took into consideration what makes the game feel fun. Originally the developers wanted to create more realistic puzzles, but it ended up making the game feel boring to play.

“It really made me realize that in the original game, the reason they added these fun features to the mansion was to establish it as one of the characters in the game,” Resident Evil 7 director Koshi Nakanishi said. “It’s a presence that the players have to ‘beat’.

As of this recent entry, Capcom has certainly returned the Resident Evil series back to its original horror roots. Players dread seeing other moving things in the Baker household as it could potentially be an enemy or a distraction for monsters or one of the Bakers to attack you. The game still allows players to defend themselves with weapons and even kill foes but still manages to not make players focus on the action gameplay.

Previous Action Gameplay

Previously, the main Resident Evil series shifted to a more action-heavy gameplay starting with Resident Evil 4. Players would encounter many biological threats that have changed people to be your usual Resident Zombie, extremely aggressive and tough infected people or even to full-on insect limbs evolution. Visually, some of these enemies were horrifying, but the action focus meant that the player was fully equipped in dealing with them. Overall, the action-focused Resident Evil lost its scare factor as the players were empowered with a large arsenal of firearms and other useful abilities.

Next Game

For now, details about Resident Evil 8 are scarce outside the confirmation that its developers are aiming to make a new game in the series. Potentially, they may keep the Virtual Reality functionality and their current style of survival horror that makes players dread meeting recurring enemies.  Capcom may just keep improving this style as they don’t have much mainstream competition in both the survival horror genre and the VR platform. Resident Evil 8 may have a more polished gameplay than Resident Evil 7 and potentially find ways to immerse players more in its horror.

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