Resident Evil 7: Are Weapons Effective?

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Resident Evil 7

As seen in the recent reveals, weapons in Resident Evil 7 have been confirmed. However, they seem to be ineffective against stopping a flaming Mr. Baker in the trailer. Will weapons be effective against foes in the upcoming Resident Evil 7?

Futile Resistance

As seen in the Resident Evil 7 Tape 2 trailer, the player character is seen shooting a burning Jack Baker trying to approach him. Apparently, the gunshots and flame weren?t enough to stop Baker from approaching the protagonist. At best, Jack Baker may be invulnerable or extremely resistant to damage in the game. Remember to not waste much ammo or effort on fighting him unless it?s a way to slow him down.

Weapon Use

If weapons aren?t effective against enemies, they may serve as tools to get around the Resident Evil 7 areas. According to official announcements and leaks, early Resident evil weapons such as the Handgun, Shotgun, and Knife have been confirmed. The Handgun and Shotgun might be used to force locks open and become a ranged interaction tool. Lastly, the Knife could be used to cut ropes or wires in the game. The older Resident Evil entries had a more puzzle-oriented approach due to its slower pace and early technology.

Back to basics

Perhaps Capcom opted to go more survival horror in Resident Evil 7 to showcase the older gameplay of the series. New technology has allowed the players to experience faster gameplay and action-oriented games. To make the players focused on solving puzzles and moving around the house, foes could be made extra tough or a drag to defeat in the upcoming Resident Evil 7. If fans are starting to find less ways to beat the Baker family or foes in Resident Evil 7, prepare to spend hours in trial and error in finding hiding spots, safe zones, or cutscene kills in the upcoming game.

For now, players may aim to use the Resident Evil 7 weapons as a last ditch effort or at least prepare to reload to the last checkpoint if engaging a foe. The game may not be as scary if you can just respawn casually after your character gets killed.

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