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Resident Evil 7 VR Adds In-Game Advantages In Exchange of Graphics

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Resident Evil 7 VR

Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil VII: Biohazard has been the favorite subject of controversies lately due to its massive changes, as well as its mysteriousness. Apparently, Capcom made a brave move and turned the traditional third-person horror game into a first person one. Hence, the franchise was introduced to a lot more gimmicks, most notably the Resident Evil 7 VR.

Resident Evil 7 VR Mode Features Head Tracking

Back in E3 2016, Sony stated that virtual reality is a major component of the Resident Evil 7 experience. However, it seems virtual reality is the least of Capcom?s concern in the past few months. Neither the Beginning Hour demo or the Twilight version update supports virtual reality.

However, Capcom appears to be giving the feature the proper attention more than anyone could ever know. According to reports, Resident Evil 7 VR is more than meets the eye. Players are going to be able to immerse themselves into the game even further thanks to Headtracking.

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Resident Evil 7 VR

In addition to allowing the players to control the camera in-game, it will also allow the players to do multiple useful things such as peeking around corners. This shows that Resident Evil 7 VR isn?t just a luxury now and actually does something advantageous.

Resident Evil 7 VR Mode In Exchange Of Graphics

Resident Evil 7?s VR mode does really improve the experience, as well as its scariness. However, it also has major setbacks due to some limitations in the hardware. Apparently, using the virtual headset from Sony reduces the image quality of the game.

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In other words, playing in VR mode is simply not as sharp as playing traditionally on a TV. In this case, Resident Evil 7 players who plan on using Resident Evil 7 VR mode will be sacrificing graphics through the whole game.

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